Member of the month contest 4/1-4/30 SPONSORED BY UNITED GEAR


This was a great idea for a contest. It makes the site and everyone involved more inviting, attentive, and discreet…lovin’ it.


It’s been great so far I love all the activity I love reading all the posts I really enjoy having everyone at the site really a great group of guys and girls. I will be announcing the winner a couple days into May


Happy it’s going so well brother


Thats a sneek peek at the top 3


The winner for member of the month is @Pastor congrats. Contact @UNITED the sponsor for member of the month.

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@Pastor :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley: MAJOR congrats for member of the month!! :smiley::smiley::smiley: :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


Congrats @Pastor great job!


Congrats Pastor :slight_smile: enjoy


Congratulations @Pastor! Well deserved my friend! :muscle:


well deserved pastor .made up for you ,enjoy .god bless


Congrats to Pastor. Well deserved for helping everyone out.

Lookin’ forward to the next contest…lets hear it BIGMURPH.


Thanks God that gave another opportunity to live right, thank you all for being so kind. I have made a commitment to daily post something positive and constructive here, directed not to the athletes, neither the bbuilders or the fighters but to the men and women , to the parents , to the family leaders. I also made a commitment to express my personal liking to everybody that takes time and effort to make a contribution to this forum. It is easy not to like, it is easy to disagree and criticize somebody…but then there is no unity…togetherness comes from loving one another without conditions . God bless you all brothers.


So the next contest I wanted to change things up a bit. We can do member of the month again if that’s what you guys and gals would like to do. I’m open two suggestions about different contest that we can try. I was hoping maybe somebody had an idea about a different contest that we could do it. Let me know here poster idea and let me hear everyone’s opinion about all the different ideas then we’ll get it going. It doesn’t have to be just a month-long contest I don’t want to do another gains and goals until next year but I’m open to anything else besides that even if it’s a contest that runs 3 months and has the depth of winning a lot of prizes. Let me know what you guys think.


Best picture or short video, elected by everyone’s vote.
It can be a pic of your self before and after your cycle, or a pic or video of your most impressive bench press or deadlift or a pic of you in your speedo ready to be admired on the beach( lol !!!)


I think thAt would be too short. We need something hat spans a time period and causes dedication to actually keeping at something and being a part of the Board. Not just a quick one hit thing any rando could post once on.


LOL …III got one…

cardio challenge… and who ends up burning the most calories on cardio alone…for a months span…must show dated photo of every cardio session minimum of 15,000 cals to qualify. photos of each session must be posted. the highest calories posted on that day on the particular machine of the participants of that same day…that memeber has the choice to say “top this” which ignititiates the “friendly challenge mode” participants must do that machine and top those calories for their next post…till the calories on that machine by original participant is beaten…that will be the machine till it is beaten then the memeber that topped the calories for that will “call the next machine” or “say Open”…then participants can use which ever machine they wish…till another participant chooses to initiate tbe friendly challenge mode"

just an idea lol!!


Great work pastor, well deserved!


Congrats… lots of good inspirational stuff.


Congratulations brother enjoy the oils


Pastor…watcha get?