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i was just takin the piss ,sorry mate i have dark sense of humor


Haha no apologies bro im very sarcastic myself!


no prob brother lol


If you were offended by this I do apologise. No homo has been an on going joke that isn’t offensive anymore but yes your correct when it first came around and people started using the term it was because they were not comfortable with there sexual preference and wanted to make sure that everyone knew they weren’t LGBTQ it though in the states has just turned into a funny joke not meant to hurt anyone. Even the guys I work with that are gay and open will say no homo to me and start laughing thinking its funny. So im no sure where it changed but in the industry I work in I feel like I have to be very careful what I say because you never know if a person from the LGBTQ community could take offense to something that another might not. Same going with me being straight its hard for them sometimes to joke with me because they have to be careful with what they say to me also.
I personally think that unless it has malicious intent people should brush it off and laugh but if its meant to be derogatory then that’s a problem in life and hear at ugm.
So everyone remember when you post there are ladies who read your posts LGBTQ community members and a bunch of dirty dogs like myself lol but we do have to be respectful and keep it clean in the open forum. Everyone is welcome at ugm and I don’t want anyone male or female to be disrespected or disgusted by anything written here.
Please send me links or to
And we will clean it up
Thanks for everyone understanding this now go have fun and get back to enjoying yourselves. To serious of a conversation lol​:sunglasses::sunglasses:


nah man you got me wrong ,iam from uk yes,and i heard this term on another forum mainlly americans talking and i asked them whats this no homo after conversations you keep saying ,? then i said if you have to say that to another guy because you complimenting him on his physique,then you must have some personal issues ,i dont give a shit who you are colour gender what ever if you live in my country you abide by the law thats it ,then a guy pointed it out to me that there was a tv show in america and this is where the saying comes from ,so i wasnt offended i was merely trying to clarify about this word bein used ,No Homo LYRICS The Lonely Island this is on you tube it will explain better than i can ,i love this board i wouldnt offend anyone so i hope i havent but thanks for the words ,guys


No I feel united gear staff should not be able to win if we did I would donate mine to the next member of the mth contest


Great post Bigmurph! You are a true gentleman and do an awesome job with those forum! Love the family here. :blue_heart:


You didn’t offend anyone I thought you were offended lol
Im going to have to search and see which tv show you’re talking about. Im almost sure that you are talking about eroids as the other forum they all have a big thing about saying no homo because ed had a huge joke going about it awhile back and ever since its basically an unwritten rule that they all need to say no homo.
Sorry about the confusion I just don’t want anyone to ever feel offended or not welcome at ugm and I thought you were offended by this.


I understand why you would say that you shouldn’t win the 2 vials but if you’re member of the month rep or not you wear the crown. :sunglasses::crown::crown::crown::crown::sunglasses:


nah man but you right about hemaroids imean eroids lol you have a good forum here and it got a good feeling to it even though i only behind a key board i never felt so welcome ,and thats down to you and the other guys .for the standards you lay out ,thanks for that .


Which one was that my friend?


I appreciate that were really happy that we were able to create a forum without all the nonsense seen at others


The one about religion one of the best if not best thread I read or I think you started it not sure @01dragonslayer


Def one of the best forums ever brotha thank you for the awesome work you guys put into making this what it is!


I’m gone for a couple days and all the drama starts. Now I have to read all these threads and start pontificating from the hills!!


Ah…yes. It definitely stirred up some intriguing and some engaging replies.


If you win this contest what products would you pick? :tipping_hand_woman:


inj winny…and since it would be on its way, inj anadrol, and a few others . cant waste a mailing. just like no wasting of a cc. it not good etiquette to load less than 2.5 in a 3cc. Everybody knows that.


Damn right brotha 3cc all day lol! Go big or go home :facepunch:t2:


I wonder who the top three are