Member of the month contest 4/1-4/30 SPONSORED BY UNITED GEAR


Well despite your love for the dudes, I’m sure nobody is gonna call you a fag to your face… I wouldn’t…


Lmfao bro! Too funny nothing against gay people but im the farthest thing from :point_right:t2::ok_hand:t2: Im married with 2 kids but funny shit!


Ha ha I agree


excuse me for being across the pond but i dont see no homo used often here lol


What’s no homo


How do you go about nominating people??


That last question from me was directed at you @Bigmurph


It just a saying some guys use when they compliment another man physically but it is a bit insensitive but is usually followed with “ lol “ it never meant to be disrespectful to anyone of course


@John it’s based off who gets the most likes on their posts.


Ok got it thanks


I was all ready to nominate someone


Hey bro how do you like a post here i still havent fig that out yet? Thanks my man


The little heart logo under each post.


I know had @01dragonslayer in mind already for that thread he made. I’m sure big murph will do a contest like that in the coming months though.


Lol well that is easy enough :grin:


Oh man brother, and I thought I was lost in the sauce when it came to figuring stuff out on here, I read that question from you to fitraver and I was like YES!! someone knows less me about stuff on here, so thanks for making me feel good.


i dunno perhaps some guys from the states can chime in ,i think it somethin to do with a tv show ,i thought it was when you compliment another guy you say no homo ,just to let them know you not gay .i thought it was homophobic when i first heard it but apparently not .i dont care what race religion gender you are just live in the boundries of the law the country you live in ,


does it mean that united gear will get 2 of there own vials if they get the most likes lol


Yup im glad im here for ya brotha lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Im pretty sure that sponsors are exempt my man