Member of the month contest 4/1-4/30 SPONSORED BY UNITED GEAR


So I decided that we should bring back the MEMBER OF THE MONTH CONTEST at
We used to every month have everyone vote or we originally decided from who got the most likes on the posts.
As of now were going to go by who has the most liked posts so remember that if you see a solid post make sure that you give that member there like.
Remember also though don’t just like every post you read unless you believe it deserves it.

WINNINGS for this contest are 2 vials winners choice from our valued sponsor and verified src at ugm @UNITED. I would personally like to thank UNITED for sponsoring the month of April’s Member of the month contest. Now that we have a sponsor lets start posting solid information and creative posts.




Awesome contest bro.


Ohh!!! Great idea. awesome!!!


Great idea BigM.


nice idea


Great news for the community





Im really happy to bring back member of the month.
Im also thankful that UNITED GEAR decided to sponsor this months contest.
I love reading great and informative posts and we have been getting alot lately. Now a member who gives us the best we can in return reward them for it.

Don’t forget to support our verified srcs and our member of the month sponsor UNITED GEAR


A big thanks to United Gear for his donation this month.


Congratulations my brother


Thanks @UNITED!!


Makes me excited!

Thanks @Bigmurph and UGMuscle leadership for the innovation supporting a great community! The UNITED GEAR team @Mountain-man @MBTJR1980 and I are happy to be apart of this!!

Visit our UGM Verified Source Page: click here


Awesome Bigmurph and thank you to my sponsor United Gear! Very cool idea i love guys!


I love it guys i meant lol


United gear is always happy to support the fourm and the community good luck to everyone


@MBTJR1980 HAHAHAHA that was the laugh I needed to get my day going. Please leave that unedited.


Yeah def a typo but funny as hell!


This is awesome.