Mataa59 gains and goals 2017


Quit holding your breath your gonna pass out! Jk kidding, you got a good squiggly in your trap. Looking good.


Try to stay at your current bodyfat, unless u wanted to go lower of course, you can see your skin isn’t thick, like you’ve yo yoed up and down. I always recommend that because it looks like u coWereget that granite, chiseled dense look soon. I hate to mention bbers thst passed but I trained with and got run over by Curtis leffler rip, but I remember being amazed, not a pretty physique, but until recently I used to like that type of physique. His veins were everywhere even at 300lbs. Sorry got off subject… Were you lifting heavier. You made some excellent gains and a total recomp especially from the back. Maybe, give yourself a small receptor rest then crank it up. 202lbs. But, you lost 10 in fat. Maybe u lose a couple pounds(who cares what the scale says) 197, then crank up to 212-220 over 2018 holding the same hardness, you’ll be amazed.


Well done! You look great.hard work pays off