Mataa59 gains and goals 2017


How’s it going guys!
I’ve been meaning to put up the pictures, but work has been in the way. 192 is my starting weight. One of my goals is to Bring up my calves! I’ve always had a hard time, making them grow. I definitely want to work on my v taper! I’ve been eating out too much, and gain some body fat around the waist. So cardio and strict dieting is a must. This contest is definitely going to be an extra push for me. Good luck to everyone.



Nice bro you can definitely hit your goals you already got good bulk! :muscle:


Hell yeah brother im glad to see you join in.


Excellent bulk!!! We will be following!


Starting weight 191 lbs! I completely forgot to post this.


Morning weight 197lbs
I haven’t been posting much but I can vouch for @Omni products. Finally started to get the back pumps from anadrol. The strength gains are awesome and Feeling full all day long.
Small strain from doing lunges today but I’ll manage.


Finally got my sleep in check! This last week has had it’s up and downs! 202lbs at the moment!


Damn bro looking swole af! Good work! :muscle::+1:


Your looking good brother


Looking swol as fk


Thanks for the positive vibes guys!


Some lower body updates


Hey fellow lifters! I know I’ve been m.i.a for a while, life has just been gettting in the way. I just wanted to keep my word and go through with this. Although this wasn’t my best cycle, it was actually pretty cool training for an objective. I’ve gained roughly 10 pounds! I wasn’t really going for a specific goal, I just wanted to look better overall! The one muscle group that I’ve always struggle with was with calves! They didn’t really grow much but I feel like I’ve dropped a lot of unnecessary water retention. Overall, it was a pretty cool experience, hopefully this isn’t the last contest.



you have been putting in the time for sure! more seperation in the quads regions and wider back more overall arm definition and development. great work man!


Good work…


Thanks brother! Hope to look like you one day!


Another upper body picture


gained mass for sure. whats your goal? are u cycling now or in between and what?