Masteron vs. Primo during cruise?


But then it wouldn’t be a cruise?


It’s a bridge but anymore guys use the terms cruise and bridge one in same. It’s not correct but to each their own


Let’s run test tren mast and primo on a cruise or bridge lol don’t want to lose any size while I cruise on a bridge lol hell let’s throw some anadrol in also fuck it. I’ll run this cruise on a bridge for 8 weeks and my body will be primed for a serious stack




Ummm… I was just wanting to add a maintenance dose of mast🤔


Nah why do that. Blast that shit man lol


I’m just busting balls bro.


Lol me too bro :grin:


Exactly what @PHD said primo hit my hair hard but it came back.
I run proviron basically year round and no issues at all.


Primo is the better cruising drugs.


Better for you, may not be better for others .


Primo is more anabolic so will help keep muscle better. On paper and in real life. That’s not arguable. It also helps partition food into muscles better. So yeah it’s better.

In what way would mast be better? Unless you’re on like 400mg of test and mast to keep a hard look.


Things on paper don’t akways work out to what actually happens, look at trestolone/MENT on paper the numbers are huge, but what actually happens in different people’s bodies are not what paper says


Every AAS helps our bodies make more use of the food we eat.


Also someone could have problems with primo, for whatever reason that someone else doesn’t have with primo… I also never said mast would be better


That’s why I said on paper and in real life. Ask any pro and vet.

Primo is especially good at partitioning food.

It’s by far the better better cruising drug, pros have said it over and over again and vets also agreeing. It’s good anabolic and really great cutting drug on low cal diets.

Any DHT issues you can have which for most is minor at a low cruise rate is most likely easy worse for Masteron which is like pure DHT pretty much

I don’t see how anyone can say mast is a better cruising drug. It’s not very anabolic on paper or in real life. Why not just run test simple cruise instead of adding mast?

In what way do you believe so

I’m not trying to sounds like a dick head smart ass and I’m willing to change my mind. But this is from all the research I know and talking to reputable guys.


In all honesty you both have great points.
It really comes down to your goals though.
Primo will do exactly what you are saying and is the goto for keeping muscle ut masteron is a great goto for keeping your muscles hard and extremely defined.

Its all based on what you want to happen would determine on what you would use.

Like John brought up ment and it can now what studies are showing be used on its own without testosterone to keep your trt level and keep muscle mass.


I acknowledge mast can keep the hard look. But most guys doing that aren’t really “cruising”

More like 200-400mg test and 200-400mg of mast.

But each his own.


I have to ask what do you consider a cruise?

Im just curious if you’re talking about just running primo by itself or if you’re saying
200 test 200 primo which would be the same as 200 test 200 mast?
Im confused
Im trying to figure out what you are considering a cruise because we were just talking about cruise and bridge being used for the same definition when each word is something completely different?


Again I never said mast is better, nor do I cruise, and I haven’t used primo. When I give my body a break, I take it seriously, not use low doses of this and that. My original statement wasn’t for or against anything.