Mass Gainer Question


Has anyone tried this mass gainer from MuscleTech? If so what do you think about it? If not what is your favorite brand and what have y’all gotten best personal results from. This one tastes fairly good in comparison to most I’ve tried. My only drawback from this one is the 6 GIANT scoops for 16 oz of skim milk or water. Dymatize has probably got to be my favorite but I thought I’d give this one a go. What are y’alls thoughts?



Honestly since the 90s and their products and marketing like Hydroxycut, I dont trust anything from their brand.


I use dymatize to n haven’t really tried any others but holy shit 6 scoops, your gonna need a super blender


Usually I use isoflex, isoleted protein is low Na, predigested cause I work out in the morning so I need something that goes thru quickly. Mass gainer…I don’t think I have ever bought one, I think is better to pay for a higher amount of protein and I can put in it whatever I need


I usually make my own mass gainer. 1 cups quick oats, 2 bananas, 2 scoops protein, 2 tbs peanut butter


Never used MuscleTech’s. I feel some of their products declined in quality over the years. I have been using this and been satisfied with results…



I used pro complex gainer years ago and really enjoyed it.


I recently switched from MHPs Up Your Mass just to change it up a little. I like these two products because I believe the carb to protein ratio is right for me after workouts.


I make my own with 3 scoops banana flavored isolate, 100g gluten free blueberry granola, 1 tablespoon macadamia nut oil. Way cheaper and healthier bud


Thanks for all of your input. It seems the best and most common route to go is to make your own. I will look into doing that first. And then maybe give the product that @01dragonslayer uses.


Always better to put your own ingredients in there because that way you can be sure its what you are getting plus you can customize it anyway you need and add as many calories as you need also. Hit me up for anything you need my bro im always here to help


Spot on bro


Good advice here.


Thank you gents!


Recon1 MRE - Righteous flavors, whole food sourced, low fat, high protein and rich in fiber.


This conversation is almost exactly like the one I posted on the forum the day before which protein… @SemperFi has some good info on this stuff!


When I used mass gainers, my favorite was Serious Mass by ON.


Dorian Yates has a really good one it’s alot like redcons mre I forget the exact name but it’s at I’m using his pwo blood and guts and holy shit it will Jack you up! I’m pretty sure it’s gonna make me piss dirty lol.


I used to use serious mass. I’ve realised though that you can easily make home made mass gainers. Not only can you make them with the same calories and protein, but you know exactly what’s in them.