Make your weakness your strength


That movie creeped me out! :clown_face:


Looking good! I also carry the bastard calves gene.


I’m out to prove it’s not genetics. I actually get a lot of compliments on them. I’m like they are small. Lol. Let’s prove them all wrong. I believe if you make the grow demand it they will.


It just takes a little more effort for some. I’ve made some progress the past 6 months, but I’ve also been punishing them.


Have to think outside the box with them. We are on them all day. Hint watch some of John meadows tips you will be shocked.


My calves were burning just watching his videos. I’m going to superset some tibia raises in my next workout.


@SemperFi :grin:


So, I did one of his calf workouts today. Pure fire! I was struggling to walk out of the gym.


Big difference from the last pics I had seen tighter and actually fuller. Did you ever try different angles(I’m sure you have) for poses. I can only comment on side chest which isn’t bad the way it is at all but have you opened it up and turned a bit to the right. U know what I mean it makes the closest pec wide while still showing even more serratus.


Daaaaaamn bro looking fkn sick!!! That side chest pose is nasty!!! Great job my man very impressive :metal:t2:


Hell yes. I’m doing hams n calves tonight