Make your weakness your strength


I’ve always had a mediocre back and hams. I’ve really been focusing on bringing up my back especially lower back and lower lats and my hams. I think all the deadlifts and heavy stiff leg dead lifts are starting to pay off. Have to keep grinding and training hard!


You are gifted with a narrow waist my friend which just makes that V taper that much more predominant. Seriously @phd the muscle you are carrying on your back is excellent.

I enjoy your progress pics. It makes members feel part of your journey and gives us the ability to support you as you press on to obtaining your goals!


Bro I think your hammies and back look awesome.


Thanks @SemperFi and @Fitraver. I’m definitely busting ass for this one. I’m glad I can involve you all on my journey and thanks for all the support.


Your work ethic and dedication is unreal. You got me beat in every area my friend except… My calves smoke yours. :zipper_mouth_face:

Seriously though you are looking better each pic you post and we could not be more proud to be included in your journey.


Well pass on the secrets bro lol. I’ve been killing them now 4 days a week. Following and implementing John meadows style stuff and it’s helping. My dad had big calves. I had zero growing up along with chicken legs lol.


Hell I don’t know. They are just one of my strong points. Just like your quads… sick! Maybe its those 3" fuck me pumps I wear on all those long hikes. :rofl:


Calves have to be one of the biggest genetic body parts there is.


Uhh… thats not what siri told me.


Hahahahs I’ve been working them hard. I might have to skip the pumps though lol


you’d look ‘ok’ in stilletos… not as good as I do but you’d pass


Prove it! :sunglasses:


i m not sure you’d get @phd in a pair of stilletos


You look Outfuckingstanding @PHD fucking hard as hell and fucking shredded


Lol… Passive avoidance is your trademark @KodiakGrrl


Hahahahs ha @KodiakGrrl knows lol. She would definitely look better than me in them :joy::joy::heart_eyes: @SemperFi I would hope you would have you sniper rifle out and take my ass out if you ever see me in them lol


Thanks bro. Have to keep pushing 7 weeks to get better




Hey @KodiakGrrl this would be my dumb ass @SemperFi lol


Awesome… love it