Major aha moment - making switch to aromasin


So I need to thank @Kuakk for making me do more research on this. Upon looking more I realized adex is literally listed as a side for all major things I am feeling: always hot, constipatikn, and dry skin. Also my cholesterol hasn’t been the best. So I started researching exemestane (aromasin) and think I am def going to make the switch and see if that works. It says it doesn’t affect lipids as well as most showing way less sides. My dr would prescribe it but without insurance I’ll be paying out the ass on it.

I ran aromasin my first ever cycle and never had any of Those sides. Also realize they started a few years ago when I began my trt and got script for it. I really think adex is my issue and am pumped to maybe get these nagging things fixed.

Couple questions for those who use it:

  • what dose do you take with trt (200mg) and hcg? Looks like some say 12.g 2x a week or 6.5mg eod.

  • is there a good protocol for switching from adex to aromasin? Can I just cold turkey and start aromasin? I’ll eseardh this more on my own too

  • for those that use aromasin, any issues with digestion or dry skin?

  • if anyone is currently using a good domestic source and have e2 bloods to prove it def feel free to give those reviews. Seems like that will be the much cheaper route.


I can help you out with these questions brother shoot me an email when you get a chance :slight_smile:


Haha I made his post before we talked on pm. @Iron_Junkie_Labs will be helping me out.

I def wanna hear from some people on how they felt on aromasin vs adex. I really think this is gunna help me a ton.


I am so very happy that I could’ve been of help.

I think with 200 mg + hcg per week you would be okay with doing 12.5 mg twice a week, as it’s the least hassle.

If you feel like fluctuating too much, you might try 6.25 mg every other day. I very much doubt you would need more, but in the end all that matters is how you react on it. It might end up that you only need 6.25 mg twice a week… Then a single pack lasts you over a year.

If you end up doing 12.5 mg per week, I think it would be worth getting it from the pharmacy - at 25 mg a week a single pack would last you over half a year, so it might not be as big expense as it might seem at the first look.

Anastrozole is reversible inhibitor, therefore you might want to either start aromasin cold turkey, or make the first dose a little bit higher (ie you take the first dose of aromasin 25 mg or 12.5 three times in the first week).

I’ve used aromasin extensively and never had issues like that.

Regarding the source, I got mine prescribed and I advise you to do the same… most sources Ive seen carry it in caps and those are not divisible like pills are. Ive used pfizer and those are tiny tiny pills, but using pill cutter you can get 1/2 or 1/4 without major issues.


Thank you for all the follow up info bro. How much do you have to pay for your script?? Or do you get covered by insurance somehow?? If you’re one of those lucky guys I’m jealous haha.

I stopped my adex today and going to start with 12.5 eod tomorrow since I’m currently running 600 then will drop to 12.5 2x a week. Do you generally take the 2x a week day if injection or day after? I pin m/th for trt. Wondering if I should do same with aromasin or do the aromasin tue/fri.


I got a script and ordered from european pharmacies… Came back at about 120 bucks with FedEx shipping for 100 pills at 25 mg .
It was a few years ago, so I’m not sure if its still possible, but I checked and US version of asin is literally made in the same place as european (pfizer)… its just the US costs 3-5 times more

when I used it I just did 150 mg test monday and 150 mg test thursday and used 12.5 mg aromasin on the same day. had a few blasts in between, but usually kept my testosterone at 500 maximum and I didn’t have to change the dose

since then i had a surgery for my gyno and I like to keep my e2 higher, so i dont use any AI… high E2 is said to be protective of brain and vascular health and it makes the time with my lady more enjoyable :slight_smile: i don’t get very much extra water now that I’m leaner, so I dont mind it at all


Okay cool. And damn man, I’d be afraid to keep my e2 higher if you already had gyno. That’s risky imo lol. Did you ever get blood work while on the 300mg a week and 12.5mg 2x a week.


surgery fixed it for good for me… I got gyno because during one of my blasts i got terrible stomach issues and… well… the aromasin didnt really have time to absorb after I ate it… to put it that way.
for more than 10 days.

you might laugh, but i didnt get bloodwork, as I have terrible panic attacks when needles get near my veins

muscles are okay, but get a needle near my vein and I get the hulk in me get out


Haha some people are afraid of that. I understand. As I head to five blood in 30 minutes :wink:


keep us updated, i hope all will turn out good for you

cheers man!


Will do thanks!


I use exemestane by Natco when im running a trt I might not even use it until my blood work says its needed and than its just 6.25mg 1 dose.
On cycle I run 6.25mg once a wk the only problem is that crashing your estrogen is very easy with exemestane it lowers your estrogen levels by 85%. I definitely reccomend pharma grade tbe natco is a great choice its just a pain in the ass to cut into doses.


Appreciate your insight bro. I actually spoke with @Iron_Junkie_Labs and he is helping me out with his. I have no doubt it will be great. I will get e2 bloods in it to post up for him and the board members.


Hello @Fitraver

I was busy with kid and didn’t check up on you - I was just wondering how you’ve been doing and if everything’s good now



Hey bro thanks for checking in. I ended up figuring out that I had a stomach issue called sibo. I am currently trying to treat it myself with antimicrobials and actually just scheduled another test for 2 weeks to see if it’s gone. Been on keto for several weeks now maybe couple months at this point. I def don’t wanna stay on keto so hoping it’s been resolved and I can start to add back in carbs. Thanks for checking in!


Damn, sorry to hear that. Hopefully antibiotics will fix that for you and you’ll be good in no time!

Take care brother


What are the side affects of your stomach problem


Bad constipation. Was awful bloating and gas after meals, and I mean bad. Going keto fixed the later 2 but I still have the first. But much more manageable. If the bacteria is gone then I’ll slowly add back in carbs and try to figure out what is still causing the first.


Man I have no problems going Never have a solid one. If you know what I mean. Starting my rice and chicken run tomorrow. Hopefully it might help. Hope you get better soon