Macro Tracker app? Anyone use em?


Hey guys just wanna see if anyone is using a Macro tracking app? If so which would you recommend? There’s so many of em.


I recommend a journal and a pencil lol. Those apps are typically ball parked and I find that they often are just filled with a bunch of name brand packaged shit to choose from for nutrition values.


Interesting! I was kinda curious to how they work. I guess you choose from a list of foods they provide. I have been pencil and papering for quite awhile now, kinda was hoping for an easier alternative lol.


Myfitnesspal cant complain, easy to use, a large database of products


Fat secret is my go to when I don’t have access to an actual labs. There are also actual nutritional databases for meats and stuff.


I use myfitnesspal and i dont use databases i create my own foods with the actual nutritional info off each package for all my foods. Plus i eat the same shit everyday so its pretty easy


I use pro gym app from the play store its not one where you can just scan or pick the item from a list. You do need to enter the numbers manually but as @Berserker said alot of the apps that do it automatically are way off some times. The wife was using fitness pal I believe I could be wrong but she started to see alot of discrepancies in the amounts being recorded.

Good luck and good gains brother


My fitness pal has been pretty good for me! Obviously there are the occasional errors but the more people use it the better and “more” accurate it can get!


So its actually updated by users? Over time


It has a data base of info from people using it but you can create your own foods making your own personal data base of foods that you eat regularly




Thanks so much guys, I quickly downloaded the fitnesspal one and just browsed through it for now, the database covers alot from what I seen. I will give it some more time when I get off work and let you guys know how it’s working out so far.


Pretty sure you’ll enjoy it, it’s definitely user friendly


I use my fitness pal too. If you do the paid version then you can customize macros and set up different goals for different days. It’s quite useful.