Lump at injection site need advice


The iliac crest is like 3 to 4" above the muscle. The rest of the pelvic bone dips deep into the body below that. Like another 4". The frontal trochanter is a 2 inches forward of the VG and the actual “hip bone” is like 5" below that. You’re pretty much no where near a bone unless you’re using a 3+" pin and going in at weird angles.


@TrenGod I totally always grab my skin and pinch for my subq injections lol. I had no clue you could just stick it straight in and aren’t supposed to do that. I always went at 45 degree angle too. I assumed straight in my go to far with a 5/8. He didn’t mention how often he injects. That still looked like a good amount of oil. I thought I heard most who do subq for trt I never Ed or eod but with as much as he did I’m wondering if he still does 2x a week.


Yeah. I use 1cc and still no issues. Sometimes if you have issues or discomfort from a cc you can go 1 syringe in multiple locations (say 2-3 pins) as long as doing it properly. I do it daily cause my dosages and i have alot of scar tissue built up from the old broscience of bigger needles are better to get it in deep. Now i dont get any scar tissue.


This interests me alot. I have always had the impression because of broscience that subq was possible but not beneficial. I have had an incident which I told you about where I missed the muscle and ended up with a sagging amount of oil that finally dissipated.
I have never though tried a subq inj say into my stomach area with oil. I have done this multiple times with bac water reconstituted products but never with oil.
I once wanted to try to use a slin pin to inj because of everyone saying that it will help when you have to inj ed or eod. I didn’t get passed trying to load the pin because the carrier oil wouldn’t pull into the barrel.
This was with gso as a carrier. I could imagine that a mct type of carrier would be easier.
When you say slin pins are you actually talking about slin pins or slin pins placed on a barrel at say a larger size to pull and then switching to an inj slin pin as your inj needle?
I have 30g pins that I can switch out after pulling from a vial I also have 30g slin pins that are not interchangeable.
I want to try this method of inj subq with a slin pin. I just want to make sure that I do it the best way possible and not what im assuming is the best way possible.

I don’t want to assume and make an ass out of myself


Pull from a larger size and depending on your tip, change the tip to slin gauge. Or if using set pin needles just use a different syringe to draw (23g), remove the plunger, load the oil (backload) into the slin pin, replace plunger. Turn upside down and push the excess air out. Ive done it both ways. This is what backloading the needle is and at most I have done is 5 days at a time and never problems.


I never thought about pulling out the pluger lol

Learn something new every day


Rookies lol


Pups :wink:


Just an update. The lump is getting smaller. I can actually move it side to side about half an inch so I know it’s between the muscle and fatty tissue. It’s hard but Isnt real painful, red, or hot.

2 days ago I pinned with the same vial in the other glute. This time I used a 1.5 inch and so far, so good.


Just another update. So the lump is getting smaller and smaller. I’ve had other members reach out to me and say they had the same issues. We have the same source in common. The source stated that it’s an issue with to much solvent in the gear. He has sent me another batch and I’m hopeful that it’s good to go. I’m just glad that I figured out that it wasn’t my injection technique or sanitary practices. I am appreciative to everyone who helped me with my issues. And I completely understand that issues occur. I knew the risks when using the gear so I’m not mad at anyone. I am just hopeful and continue to learn every day.


Why the fuck are we having so many issues out of this source. I’d like to know who this source is and why issues like this are continually happening. Sounds like to me this source is just experimenting. I’m guessing this source is from here since other members are having same issue! This pisses me off because of you’re going to cook you better fucking know what your doing. I’m seeing too many issues with sources. Not all just a handful


I’m glad your lump is going away. Sorry you had to deal with this issue.


Agreed. I was going to make an order at some point but after doing enough research and talking to enough people there’s just no way I would put my own body and health at risk. Not with having so many good sources to choose from.


Happened to a friend. He was using a 1inch needle. Not a lot of body fat. Went to the doc & he said the needle was to small and to use 1 1/2. No problems after that


Yup yup yup . I use slin for everything now. No knots and no pain. More area to pin as well. If I’m mixing oils then this is what my week looks like
.5 cc test, .2cc deca every 3rd day. Not mon wed Friday because the days become uneven. Every 3rd day


My source sent me another batch and I changed from test E to test C just to make sure I didn’t get the same gear. I pinned 3 days ago in the separate glute and guess what, I’ve got a lump on that side now. Definitely changing sources. If i get a lump from another source, must just be how my body reacts…


I got lumps from a source too bro that I never had before with anything else. I’m sure when you switch you will be good. Let me know if I can help at all.


I’d switch sources bro. You shouldn’t have to deal with that shit every pin. It’s a bad brew man. That’s all there is to it.


I had a buddy who would just keep pinning his shoulder and never rotated his injection sites. I told him he was fucking up but of course he kept doing it anyways. One day after an injection his delt puffed up and looked like one of those dudes that pump their muscles full of silicone. After massaging it and using a heating pad for several days it went away. I don’t know if he dodge a bullet with an abscess or what but I have never seen anything like it.


I remember that…he even advocated daily or every other 10mg, he never said this is only way, which was cool, if you had problems he would tell you to do IM or whatever felt better.