Lump at injection site need advice


Agreed even as lean as I was for my show, I didn’t get lumps it hurts a little more few days after due to no fat to absorb it but no knots


Everywhere??? I avoid the nut sack. :wink:


I was on a blast and I rarely pin less than 3ml at a time on blast. trt is a different story.


Question, how long has your product been open? How are you with cleaning and making sure you limit bacteria build up? Are you reusing pins?




So my product has been open about three weeks. I’m pushing 1 ml (300mg) twice weekly alternating glutes. I use a new pin every time and draw with a separate 18g. I use two alcohol pads, one to wipe the top of the vial and another for the skin. I inject at the top outside quarter of the glute. I used a 1inch pin and may have injected at an angle, it happens unfortunately.

Last night I pinned with the same vial with a 1.5 inch and so far, so good. A little sore. The lump has gotten smaller over night. I’m really hoping that my source us good and it’s just my body or my technique. In the past I used 1 inch and did get small lumps but I figured that was normal. I will be able to tell if the 1.5 inch pin was what I needed to hit the muscle in a couple of days.

Thanks guys for your help. This is a great community.


Thanks for keeping us posted bud


Thanks for following up. We are all here to help each other. Your participation is appreciated!


I appreciate the extra information and updates please let me know immediately in a pm if for any reason you believe that the product is causing this to happen.


I’ve used 5/8 in my glutes so that doesn’t matter the depth in my opinion. I know some people
Say you got to go deeper but I don’t think that’s necessarily true. Keep us posted hope
Your lump go away. Nothing worse than a lumpy ass :joy::joy::joy:


That bitch was dimpled like a crater on the moon don’t you lie hahahaha


No I actually use legit gear not garbage :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Hahaha no I meant dimpled from you pressing the slin in so hard when injecting lol


Not slin pin 25g 5/8 lol flows like butter. Oh and I don’t hear it up either :joy::joy::joy: imagine that


Ohhhhh okay lol when I saw 5/8 I just assumed slin. Look at you buying those baby tips :joy:

Jk I have some 27ga 1/2” I bury in my delts.


I really wanna try it but I feel like I’ll hit my hip bone & just gives me shivers


Im really suprised how few people know about subQ being better over IM and thet’re opting for larger needles that do more damage in long term.

As I stated before, I do daily injections and use slin pins all the time. Injecting subq or into the fat IN NO WAY IS IT NORMAL OFF 1CC TO GET A GOLF BALL SIZE LUMP.

I know @Fitraver is familiar with this as Ive seen him on some of the threads regarding Emeric Delczeg and subq testing vs IM testing. In most cases everyone has a better response to subq.

The key point we need to make is if a PROPERLY MADE PRODUCT is injected you will not have a large lump that size nor redness or pain.

I take this a step further and even if doing IM or subq I have zero problems with lumps from Tren A, Mast P, and Test P (tho test p is a bit more painful going in still no lumps with 1cc you cant just massage in and gone in a few hours). Backload the needles for 2-3 days. Run it under hot water before injecting or dont. Sometimes with Tren I have had to for it to go thru faster. But you wont have the lump issue if your gear is made properly. My endo used to give me injections with slin pins over 20 years ago. Never a problem.

Heres Dr Crisler to explain more to you about subq and testosterone. Also I dont remember if he points out in the video but I know Emeric states how and why subq also helps with estrogen conversion.



@TrenGod yeah that thread was very interesting to me. I never ended up trying it subq but I should look back into all of that. Gunna watch the video a little later.


Thanks for video


Great info brother. I would definitely consider it. Maybe I’ll try it when I’m done with this run