Lump at injection site need advice


Hey guys,

I’ve been on my cycle for two weeks now with test E and 600mg a week, twice a week (300 x 2). Usually I get a small lump in my glute after pinning. I’ve been using 1 inch pins alternating between left and right.

Most recently I have developed a golf ball sized lump in my left glute. It’s much larger than previous lumps but doesn’t hurt. It’s not red or warm. I can flex my glute and it’s obvious.

So, does anyone have any experience with something similar? I was wondering if the pin is to short and I was injecting into fatty tissue instead of muscle.

I know it will probably go away soon and since it’s not sore or hot, I’m not that concerned.




If you received the product from one of the posted sources here could you please PM @Bigmurph with the actual source?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.



Sure will


I’m almost positive that your body fat is not low enough to be hitting the main gluteus muscles with a 1" pin. Im at 12% body fat and if I try to use a 1" in the glute I will definitely get a lump. The oil finds it’s way to sit between the fatty tissue and the muscle if it’s not injected deep enough initially. That basically creates a hematoma. Fancy word for bruise. It comes from internal damage to veins, blood vessels, etc and the liquid pools and creates the “bruise.” Now don’t get that confused. I said “like a hematoma.” The muscle breaks down the oil much faster than fat does because it’s in constant motion. Fat only moves around when you physically force it to move so the oil just sits there until the body is able to absorb it. Sit on a heating pad for awhile and use your your body to create a little pressure on the spot and move around a little bit while sitting on the heating pad. You’ll be fine. As long as it’s not red, swollen, itchy, hot, etc then you’re fine.


Thanks, I’ve got some new, longer pins… I’ll use those from now on. I’m always worried I’m going to hit a nerve. But I should be fine, thanks for the info. Definitely helps.


If you want to use the 1" I’d suggest the dorsogluteal or move over to the ventrogluteal. I rarely pin the main glutes anymore but if I do, I use a 27g 1-1/4" and it’s fine. Stay higher and to the outside and you should be about 3" away from the sciatic. Pin at a 90° and you’re good.


Have any of you guys hit the sciatic nerve before?


Fux no bro. Scares the shit out of me to think about it. Nerve damage, scarring, temporary paralysis or worse… Here, hold this bag so I can fill it with all this NOPE!!!


The chance of hitting it is zero to none if you divide the glute into quadrants and inject in the upper outer quadrant.


Exactly Sir


I actually can’t belive more people do not pin the VG. It’s my go to over any other injection site. That smal muscle can hold a lot of oil, is painless and contains very few nerves.


I think the issue is most people have difficulty locating the VG, then once they learn it’s almost a no brainer.


I may have asked this before semp because i’ve seen you post that… do you use a 1"on that VG?


I use a 25g 1" for everything.


I use 27g 1" and 25g 1" depending on how much oil I have to push. The VG is awesome for 3+ ml of oil


Injection into fatty tissue is rarely an issue. A small lump can be normal, a golf ball size knot is not under any circumstances. Ive gone from the old school 1.5 inch needles to using 1inch needles to using 5/8th slin needles for test and tren, & mast with no problems.

Emeric Delczeg used to push doing subq oil injections for years in mid 2000s. I tried that (actually how i started my switch to slin needles) and never an issue. A little discomfort going in but not something you couldnt massage out fast.

Im assuming youre injecting 1cc (300mg) twice a week?

Also your last cycle back in may did you use the same needles and location or different?


I know a golf ball size knot is not normal by any means but it does happen, usually in the glutes. It’s happened to me before using Dragon Pharma which is well known for being great. The only times it ever happened to me was using too short of a pin in the glutes


How much were you injecting at the time? More then 1cc?

I can take 3 injections daily for months using 1cc slin pins and I never have that issue. I rotate everywhere.


Idk if this might help brotha, but I like to heat my oils under running hot water right before I pin. This I beleive disperses the oil once its in the muscle a little more smoothly, therefore less of a lump.


Short of piss poor injection technique or something grossly wrong with the product 1mL of oil is NOT going to create a golf ball sized lump that hangs around for any amount of time, period!