Low lidido even on cycle


Use this time to find what works well for you. For example, I’ve been the first one to admit after all these years and some injuries, I can tell when I’m “on” and I can tell when I’m on too much AAS. Libido, which to me is in the head(95%) vs. If your little training partner gets up but after 10 minutes wants to go home, etc which could be more physical. I have found for me, the leaner I am the lower the doses can be across the board. I believe there’s a lot of agreement with this among bro and a little real science. The " just enough test" thing, 200mg a week but taking 600 then, etc. Could be ok if you have always done that.


Sounds kinda cool. You have to be pretty grounded. I would of ended up in big trouble for sure! No matter what the situation, don’t you think you might have a lot of stressors including getting in workouts, food, your cycle. Really, only you know. I’m mellow and moving a piece of furniture stresses me out or going to an unfamiliar gym!!! Good luck, take what you need and leave the rest from our opinions!!:dizzy_face:


Well buddy make it hot, only 3 years and your implying that it’s not that great, you better fix it now before you don’t have a fiancé