** Looking for LOGGER of Dragon Pharma 1-Test Cyp (DHB) **


@Fitraver thank you for the chance to write this log. I’m super stoked to run some DHB from a top notch brand like DP. I was ready to start my winter blast so this was prefect opportunity. Strength is always my main focus as a powerlifter, but will also be focused on putting on quality muscle and truly seeing the benefits of the DHB.


And myself as well,Im waiting to start off as well.
Thank you very much


Congrats @northface384


Congrats bro dhb is some fkn good shit! Im totally loving it right now. Going into week 13 and my strength is still climbing each week. Id have to say im prob the strongest ive ever been currently! Enjoy the ride ill be following along :facepunch:t2:


DHB will treat you right for sure in the strength department. Being a power lifter will be perfect to give feedback on that aspect of it. Should be able to pack in the calories on it too.


Thanks everyone. I can’t wait. My next labs with the TRT doc will be is Jan so I’m also interested in any effects on lipids that DHB May have. I have not seen or here of anyone have labs done on DHB just a lot of speculation on the effects.


I just put in my order the DHB with @PharmaComStore and I order an extra DHB and some DP superdrol. I can wait to get this started! I will have my Official log under the @PharmaComStore page. Thanks for all the help @Fitraver


This is going to be a fun one!!! Can’t wait bro. That is a STRENGTH STACK!


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Thanks @SemperFi I’ll definitely do that