** Looking for LOGGER of Dragon Pharma 1-Test Cyp (DHB) **


Sounds good @Swest and @northface384 thanks for entering.


Dam i wish i could do that for you as i am already on a cycle. Congrats to whomever the logger is.


im just running teat from pharmacom for my TRT, Ill cycle DHB, 1-Test, Demethylated primobolan and all that shit! LMK



Don’t post here go back to my post and will talk there


This will be the final day to enter if any other members want to apply.


I’m in. There are several products I would get outside of this. Probably a full cycle of Deca and possibly some low mg per week Tren to kick in there. Tabs of cialis and such as well. I recently started a cycle and had to stop it based off some reactions I was having, so I’d be a great candidate to get on a whole new cycle. If I won, I’d start that log and it would be a daily one based off my program, diet, cycle, etc.


I’m very familiar with the fact you went with a diff sponsor :wink: :wink:

Jk bro. Thanks for the entry. I see you said you’d likely get other stuff too, but what would your cycle with the dhb look like? Or were you saying you’d run the deca and tren on top of the dhb? Guessing that is not what you meant haha.


Yes, well it’s on pause, so I made an error. That’s on me.
As far as your question, I’d definitely need some TestE 250, 3 vials. I have plenty of orals for now, but would at least get some TBol and Cialis to maximize on the free shipping. Also, would keep it DP as much as possible.


Okay cool. Thanks for your entry bro. And yeah all of those things should be achievable from DP and sure there is some cialis from that warehouse too.


so I win? lol… When will the winner be announced?


Lol I’m goign to announce tonight.


ok cool. looking forward to seeing who the lucky person is and hoping to heck its me.


Just as a reminder, I’m in :joy:


Damn @Fitraver im freaking out man who is the winner. Im not even up for winning and I’m still so curious who is going to win lol


For real. Cough it up


I have decided that the winner of the log opportunity is @northface384. Please shoot me a PM and we can talk details. Appreciate all the entries. I know @northface384 will do a great job and provide UGM with some excellent feedback on this product.


Congrats @northface384. Hope all goes well with you.


And fuck my life right now. Lol. No luck at all.


@northface384 congrats

Also I want to thank @Fitraver and @PharmaComStore and @PharmaComStore_Rep
You guys have been great lately with taking care of the members at ugmuscle.com and we all really appreciate that.


Well, I think I won the first contest here mayweather and McGregor. So there! Good job everyone. I bet it is as good as 1 test and Equipoise, I mean EQuipoise cyp…no Boldenone …no dihydro…couldn’t help it.