** Looking for LOGGER of Dragon Pharma 1-Test Cyp (DHB) **


who M i KIDDING, i’D SPEND 100 DOLLARS ON A COUPL3 Dragonpharm DHB along iwth their tren BASE


Sell me the tren base 2 bottles, and I will run the DHB along with straing test (the Tren is for summer). I’ve been on TRT for several years and will give an honest review without a bunch of unnecessary compounds. THANKS


Dude my brain goes way to fast for my numb fingers to type. Especially when I’m trying not to offend anyone.


Hahahah I get in Trouble weekly for that. I just speak my mind.


maybe that is why Stephen Hawking wasn’t as big a prick as you. in addition to dwarfing your intellect.


Bump. Who wants some free DHB and is willing to log it. I wanna see some more entries people!


Any other members what to log this?


Im not sure if this is allowed because I don’t take freebies from sponsors but im interested now without a doubt about using this compound.
I would be open to keeping a log but I would need to have to purchase the gear in order for me to log it.
I would like to see a member get the opportunity to get the free 1-testosterone.
I myself am going to look into the heavy discounts that pharmacomstore offers through different avenues.
@Fitraver if you could hit me up.


I will hit you up bro. Appreciate you adding yourself in.


Still looking for a member who can log!


This logger opportunitt hasn’t been edited to no longer require a minimum purchase. The 3 vials of Dragon Pharma 1-Test Cyp will be at no cost and free shipping. There is still the log review requirements.

Hopefully that helps entice some members to apply. I wanna see this logged for the community :slight_smile:


@members don’t miss out on an opportunity to receive free toys from one of our sponsors.


@Bigmurph I’d like to know about all these heavy discounts pharmacomstore offers as well.

@Fitraver would it matter if I added this to my log towards the end of my current cycle? Just thinking of time constraints.


@stirms I just tagged you in 2 of the contest running promotions. You can also get $100 credit for posting bloods on a @PharmaComStore testosterone product. Offers cannot be combined with contest promo winnings however (I.e. contests, auctions, other discounts that are randomly offered, etc).

Unfortunately, Right now I’m looking for someone who could start the log right away and get some feedback going.


Not a problem. Understandable. Thanks for the tags. I’ll keep them handy.


I’d love to log some DHB! I’ve used two different labs of DHB before. Which I believe only one lab was dose properly. I’ll be happy to start a detailed log for you. I would be pinning eod so I can pin smaller amounts with less pip. 500mg is what I ran last time and it was amazing, but I stayed pretty knotted up most of the time. I would like to run between 450-600mg. I was happy to see DP bring this back. They use to have a 200mg DHB but I believe it crashed on a lot of people. I can start right away if chosen.


I’ll do it @Fitraver
Just placed an order that should be here soon but I’m happy to start this offer with a log straight away. Let me know bro.


I’ll be following this log for sure


Thanks for the entry @northface384 you are correct about the 200 and I imagine that is why they went with a smaller Mg/ml this time. It is just for 3 vials tho, so you would have to grab some other ones on top to run at the dose you want. Are you okay doing that?

@Swest thanks buddy. What other products did you grab again? You gotta remind me haha.

Thanks both of you. I’ll keep you in mind and choose a person once this has been up a little linger and I make sure all who want to enter have entered.


Just Test E and Arimidex. I was going to stack these with some NPP I’ve got but that can wait (you can never have too much Test in your locker lol) if this comes up. I’d run the DHB with my current cruise so I could give ‘true’ feedback and reviews etc without any other compounds masking my body’s response to the DHB.


@Fitraver I’m totally ok with picking up a couple extras.