Looking for a legit source


what do you think of these 3 sources


We generally order from the sources that are listed here on the site.

Have no opinions on those u listed


What @Burrr said.


We don’t have sources because this is not a market place.
We do have a group of great sponsors that you should email and talk with.


no, I only ask if they are legitimate


If their on here their legit.


Pretty sure I was told no links… I’d stick with what these guys are telling you on here…a lot of good people and great advice to be had!


thanks bro




We have a lot of great people here and great sponsors as well man def should look at whats right here in fromt of you :ok_hand:t2:


idk any


big murph said he would change my tag to LEGIT SPONSER


Lol good one my man!


I’ve had no bad experience’s with any sponsor on here. There’s domestic and international just depends on where you are located and what you want… Simple browse the sponsors.