Longest Period Ever Cycle


What is the longest period you’ve ever gone without taking a break from AAS?


Depends what you mean as a break. Some guys cruise is another persons blast. TRT count?


Blast and cruise along with TRT can be included/counted.


Almost a year


Ha ha going on as we speak


You’re gunna get some huge numbers if cruising counts. I’d be more interested in longest blasts.


Been cruising for awhile now…if I had to guess…2+years.


I’m on it for life, my friend.


Shit looks like I got A lot a catching up to do


It is illegal to buy, sell, process or use steroids in my country without a prescription.

I have never used steroids and am a 100% natural athlete.

What is a cycle? Blast and cruise?


I was on for 5 years before i got off to get my fiancé pregnant with our son.


How long did it take to get her pregnant after you got off?


After he got off in the right place! :eggplant::sweat_drops::joy:

Crude 4 sure but I couldn’t help myself.




3 months. My pct was 1000mcgs of hcg 100mgs clomid and 40mgs nolvadex @Push
Daaaaaaamn right @SemperFi lol


Only 3 months for you? That def surprises me.


I always thought @MBTJR1980 was a slow learner and would have a hard time finding the right spot. I would have thought at least 6 months. LMAO


You and me both bro i was friggin shocked! But it happened because i have a 6 year old running around in my kitchen as we speak hahaa


It took a lot of practice but i got it done brother :point_right:t2::ok_hand:t2::grin:


@MBTJR1980 oh we’re you saying how long it took you to get pregnant?? I thought you were saying 3 months was your longest cycle. Which did you mean?