Liver Health- TUDCA... Any Experience?


Reading about a variety of supplements that support liver health and I came across Tudca. In the past I have used LIV-52 and maintained healthy liver values, based on blood work. Any experience with different liver supports? Preferred brands? Tudca experiences?


At one point I had taken Adrol and Dbol back to back over a period of 12 weeks. Destroyed liver enzymes to say the least. AST was in the low 200s and ALT was near 300! The only thing that helped at that point was Tudca and Glutathione. Thanks to Fitraver I switched to Element Nutraceutical for my Tudca and I got the Glutathione from a Amino source. That blast wasnt long ago so my liver values are still out of range but both are under 100 now.


I use Tudca,Taurine myself.
Supposedly Tudca needs taurine to mimic the effects of udca some type of cholesterol drug that releases a stomach acid or bile.
It clears out your kidneys and liver but ive been reading that most of the liver and kidney protection that we use is still garbage.
Sorry I just don’t believe in most of the supplements out there and the claims that they make.


You need about 2000 mg of true Tudca to get all the benefits and BM is right it’s about stomach bile. I’ll have to find the brand I’m going to switch it actually very good scientific backed research and how it can really help liver and even promote good gains. It will take me a mi Ute to find but when I do I’ll share here or in team titan page.