Little sneak peak of final 4 weeks of prep


Here is a sneak peak of final 4 weeks of prep. Carbs were cut almost in half today cardio upped y 2 minutes (16 total hiit cardio fasted). Morning weight 198.6 evening 202 or 203


There’s no pic haha


Lol that’s the sneak peak lol. Yea my reception at work sucks hang on



Super sneaky haha.

Liked great bro.


You are rockin’ it @phd. Thanks for sharing bro!

There’s no thigh gap on that bitch!!!


Fuckin awesome bro… wish my 2week pic came even close to that! I’l get there!


If you stick with the weights then its only time in between now and your goals


I have alot of respect for your commitment.
It takes alot to be at your level.

I have always said that your legs are amazing but your triceps are something serious.


For real… those triceps are amazing!

Motivational pictures for anybody who’s following!


Hahahahs just say no to thigh gap lol. I know you and @TrenGod are waiting for the moonpose lol


Hahaha thanks bro.


Thanks @Bigmurph


If I had the time id go threw some older posts im pretty sure you got something close to the moon pose on here


Hahahahaha I do. I’ll post a Better one just for you on here :joy::joy::joy:


I was going to move the next moon pic to the adult section lol. PhDXXX category lol


Looking great big dog :+1:t2::+1:t2:


Thanks Bro.


Sorry @PHD but I get excited lookin at your pics


@John this concerns me :joy::joy::joy::joy::crazy_face: