Little arm pump 6 weeks out


Had a hell of a pump training arms.




Keep killing it bro!! Did you already say which show Kure doing or prefer not to say?


Damn bro… keep it up!


Haven’t said what show but I have one picked. I’m trying to decided if I should say lol. Then people may find out who I am lol


Thanks Bro and that TNE was no joke holy hell


The first pic it looks like your going to tear your sleeve lol
It also looks like your wearing probably a 3x so damn which way is the gun show lol
You have gotten bigger I can see you must be really hitting it hard.
Good luck and good gains brother


Your fucking jacked brother, I should strive to be looking like that!!


Haha yeah that’s why I asked if you had said or not. Prolly best to keep it wrapped.


Hahahahaha thanks bro. Yes it’s a 3xl lol. I think cut really tight though lol


exactly what I was going to say, probably a 3x. His tailor probably loves him though hahah


Looking damn good big dog keep it up!! What you weighing in at?


Thanks Bro. Was around 220 last time I weighed. Haven’t weighed this week


Im sitting at 212 im going to say that you have to be 230+
Im 5’10 so you look about the same


Def looking swole! Haha XXL is like another layer of skin on me now i just dont like how XXXL shirts are so long and wide they look like a bed sheet plus hard to find unless you shop at Big and Tall


Lol I’m. 5’8” lol I’m
Short bro


Nice… I’ve always been a sucker for big arms lol


you look like you are wearing a potato sack… I find that that I have very few shirts in my wardrobe that have arms anymore… lol


Hahahaha @KodiakGrrl so you think my arms are big :joy:. Thats one of my favorite shirts. I have some gasp sleeveless shirts I just can’t cut the sleeves out. I still think my arms are small


You should see mine just about 22” with a pump! :kissing_heart: