LIQUID ORALS and following Qustion



Hey there iron junkies and Brewers. I’m not a newbie to forum or oils/liquid orals;but everclear. Q is this,could I do a everclear w ORA+&EVERCLEAR. Also what about%’`. I’m just curious if aany of you have tried and what the results were with you.
Thanks in advance BERSERKER973


Yes you can use everclear. Tastes like ass. But gets it in bloodstream quickly. I’ve never made it just used.
With that said I personally am not a fan of turning orals into liquids.


Yeah I can’t stand the taste myself,I guess I’ll just have to do some more experimenting ,I have the ora+ so I guess I’ll give it a whirl and see what I come up with. Thnx for the response though.
On another note,how do all my Iron junkies feel about making orals into injectables? I have read on a few other forums that ‘ORALS’ were made to be orals for a reason and not to make them into injectables for a reason, I myself have yet to try but plan on giving it a go.


Man I’ve got some stuff right now… ugh… When I try to imagine what it tastes like, I picture a guy mixing hot garlic sauce with with animal piss in the bottom of a dirty bathtub filled with 190 proof moonshine. I just can’t even do it bro. I got through about 2ml of the 30ml bottle it came in and now it’s in a landfill somewhere probably burning it’s way to the earth’s core.


Omg that sounds fkn so nasty :nauseated_face: no fkn way bro!


I drop my dose in 100%grapefruit as it helps with taste and not to mention the synergy with the enzymes in the juice.
Even if you take pressed or capsuled orals you should take it down w the grapefruit juice.


That’s.why I.want to do the ora route,currently I only have the ora+
I need to get a bottle of the sweet or the new combo bottle I saw