Limited time sale! Test Cyp, Test Enan and Sust


For a limited time all 3 products are the same price as our test prop!

Check out the site with password MpG1


Great price on Sust! :wink:

@mpg can a member combine these discounted prices with the 10% sale you are running in support of the 2019 No Excuse Gains Competition for the month of October?


Thanks @SemperFi. Yes I can do that. This sale won’t last long so if anyone wants to take advantage of it they need to act fast.


Thanks for your quick reply @MPG. This will be good information for the members to know. The additional 10% discount makes the Test a ‘no brainer’ bargain.


I wouldn’t let this pass me by. Not often you find sust cyp and enth same price as prop


@members don’t miss this great sale on testosterone. Going to be tough to find a better deal on Sust. if that’s your gig. :wink:


How do I get in on the test sale … I’m new to the site . I’m still navigating the site in the dark a little. Thanks


Go to their website they listed then email them at [email protected]