Limbs Falling Asleep


When ever I get around 250+ lbs I will wake up every night to find my limbs fell asleep, sometimes its so bad both my arms wont work and I have to flop around to turn over. Does anyone else experience this or have any solutions? Its starting to ruin my quality of sleep, being it wakes me up 3 or more times a night. thanks!


I have this same issue. I noticed that for me it seems like its related to my hgh use so if I cut out hgh it stopped but I have learned to sleep flat on my back its the only way I can sleep through the night. Im starting to get another problem from this though. My shoulders are cut up now from the primo run im on that the weight of my shoulders pulling backwards from laying flat on my back is giving me pain in the mourning in my shoulder joints. I solved one problem and created another.
Try laying flat on your back it takes time to get used to especially if you’re used to sleeping on your side. It should help you with the numbness in the arms.
I remember those nights waking up and my arm would be completely dead almost like I dislocated my shoulder. I hate when the blood starts to flow back in. The feeling is so weird lol


yeah man i hate it. never thought about it having to do with bodyweight but it’s usually the reason for most problems. gh also makes the numbness in hands and wrists worse while sleeping for me but it slowly got better when i came off for a month. sitting around 260-265


I’m only 182 @UNITED and I get it all the time. I’m pretty sure it has to do with impinging nerves in the shoulder based off how I sleep on my side. I can never fall asleep flat on my back and arms at side. I’m always on my side or chest with arms above my head, which is bad for nerves and stuff. Chiro has told me that’s def what causes.

Edit: sorry @Bigmurph responded before reading yours. Pretty much just reiterated what you said :joy:


I have that problem but mine is def from gh. I sleep on my back with a cpap machine and wake up many times during the night with hands so numb its painful. I guess its part of the game we play but i wish there was something to do to make it go away. Im only using 4iu of gh but these kits are so strong the sides are ridic!!


Definitely try sleeping on your back as mentioned.


Same here mine is majority GH but when I do get around 250 my quality of sleep sucks bad. Now that I’m back down to 220s it’s been better. My right arm is always asleep during fasted cardio lol