Like a broken record


I had real decent experience on Localcoins , but now I can’t seem to get the same seller or the same way to buy. I’m looking at buying with PayPal, cash, deposits into accounts. I can’t use MG Or WU or anything like that. Is there not a way to buy like the coinbank? Where you build a wallet. Or build trust until u can get a quick buy. I’m only using it on here. I am going to contact the 2 remaining srcs to see if there is a different way. Para, IJL, SBL have made it real easy. Wanted to try a few things from the others. Any advice if safe to give would be appreciated.


Just google your city name and bitcoin ATM. Theyre all over still. It costs a bit more but easy to use.


Still around? I figured they were gone. That was my go to for years. Im only an hour away now. Thank you. Its weird, they are in shady places around where I’m at.