Lets see some bloods! Who does them?


First I’d like to know who has never ever done bloods??? I wanna call you out lol.

IMO Everyone should be getting bloods if you are using gear! Your health is the most important thing and id argue you can’t afford bloods you prolly shouldn’t be running gear. That’s just my two cents tho. I hate the “I feel” responses. Take my latest bloods for example where I was only on 560mg test and got an almost 8k test level. Without bloods I’d never have known My eq was test.

Anyway, let’s see this section get some use. It holds your sponsors accountable and also is good marketing for them, but also helps out all your UGM brothers too!

Also some sponsors I believe even give credit for bloods - win/win! If you’re one of those sponsors post up and let everyone know!

I’ve seen some people promise bloods and never do them. That sucks as well :wink:

Let’s start putting this section to use!



About a year ago i got my first blood work done i was not shooting…i started experimenting with prohormones, so i got blood work done and i came to found out my ldl cholesterol was 150. I was frozen when i saw that number…i am so disciplined and committed with the diet…i don’t even have cheat meals…i love to stay always solid. My mother and sister told me is hereditary. I said well let’s do something about it and i have been eating boiled potatoes, steamed rice grilled chkn and fish; that’s it. After 12( while been on cycle)weeks i got blood work done and am down to 125, which in some charts is normal. Without blood work i wouldn’t have ever known. So this is what i do now: blood work before, in the middle and after cycle. Blood work is essential.


Who does your bloods,? I need nine done again but I want to avoid a doctor.


Privatemdlabs.com for labcorp or labsmd.com for Sonora as long as you don’t live in a state it’s illegal.


I live in Michigan…do you know if that’s ok.


I work with Walk- inLab.com. They send me to Quest Diagnosis…half block away from my residence


Sweet thanks we have a quest a mile away


@Weedwars just go to the site and look it says the states hat won’t work.


Fitraver is absolutely right that is the way it works. Thru the site first


Check out zrt home test kits on Amazon or you can get them from


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What fitraver posted are 2 other good ones also


Thanks @Bigmurph.


Seeing blood work makes me happy as hell…