Let's hear it what's your sweet spot dosing hgh?what is your favorite brand?


I’m a 6 iu Ed guy 3 iu when I wake up 1 hr before food and 3 iu when I go to bed.this works. Very well for fat lose mass gains,and the longevity benifits.
I much prefer 10 iu Ed but it’s not in my budget right now
My favorite brand is a tie puretropin and somnatropin.i have been on with 2 weeks breaks non stop now 2 years


Never done it before, but I am interested


Being on other things at the same time how do you really know what gains your gettin from it?


I can tell by the fat loss and hardness also it makes muscle Fuller than any gear I have used,once you have been on 2-3 mths you will know what gains are from the gh trust me it’s a different experience than just gear


Am very excited about it…i have been going thru a lot of bad experiences to get my HGH but i keep moving forward; i already have a 100 ius in my possession , another kit is on the mail and this weekend am buying another one. As soon as i have 3 kits (300 ius) i will start shooting 3 ius/day and will keep buying 1 every 3-4 weeks so i make sure i always have and dont have to interrupt the cycle


I might give it a go at some point


My favorite currently is either bestropin or hygetropin i run 4iu a day for last 6 years straight. Gh is like fountain of youth. It will improve your sleep, burn bodyfat, heal collagen and joint issues, improve quality of muscle you have, and affects just about most processes inside the body. One side that you will notice is numbness in your hands. Its very much like carpel tunnel. But its nothing to cause you to shy away from using gh. Plus gh, test, insulin, and thyroid drugs t3 or t4 work synergistically. I would never cycle without gh included ever again! It does magic in my eyes :blue_heart:


True big M my hands and wrist are tight all day I call it crab claws ,but I have gotten use to it except sometimes they cramp up like a son of a bitch


i am just starting ansomone .40iu pack 10x4iu vials .2iu a/m, 2i/u b4 bed


That is a solid brand how long are you gonna run it


for ever lol .i have another pack on Way which will give me 80iu. and they check out on website which is a blessing i also have 100iu of generic and 100iu of another .but will buy 1 of the ansomone every 3 week keep me topped up


Nice looking forward to your experience


Crab claws lol i like it bro! Im so used to it also but it is annoying at times especially when it wakes me up at night hands completelu numb pins and needles :rage: but i love gh really does amazing things to your physique and overall health


Reviving an old post because I have found that unless you are using Rx GH you most likely are playing russian roulette in quality and purity. If you are lucky enough to find a solid off brand that is great.

I have been fortunate to have unlimited access to pharma grade for the past three years. I have used Genotropin and Humatrope.

I have used up to 8iu/day at 5 on, 2 off. My personal experience is that hGH is a very slow and very expensive process. I am not saying that it is not effective but unless you have deep pockets (even for the knockoff brands) and a lot of patients I am not sure I can recommend it for most individuals.

I found that dosing first am fasted and inter-day fasted to work best for me. This protocol helped me avoid the daily sleepiness that is common with GH. I choose not to dose before bed. My reasoning was that I have a healthy sleep cycle and I did not want to interrupt my natural GH release.

I am currently on a therapeutic anti-aging dose of 2iu and will cease use very soon.

I would recommend before deciding on running GH be prepared for the investment semi-long term because that is what will be required to experience the full benefits if your are lucky enough to get high quality. Also weigh the affect that the sides effects might have on your daily life. Everyone experiences them differently but many of them are common to most. At times they come and go without reason. I still have trigger finger in both my little fingers. :wink:

EDIT- if you are a cancer risk and/or have had cancer you should seriously consider avoiding it at all costs. I know of an individual that developed several thyroid benign growths and two brain tumors on two separate occasions. One on the pituitary and another center mass.

Just my two cents on the subject.


Ive been on 4ius a day ed for last 6 years. Yes its very slow and expensive but worth every dollar! My favorite brands are puretropin, bestropin, hygetropin, and angtropin. All serum test at 35 or higher


@MBTJR1980 I can’t attest to the worthiness of the expense because I have not seen any return on the investment that cosmetic procedures could not have duplicated for a lot less $.

Longevity and long term… still waiting to see. :wink:

BTW- I am 50+, 5’10 and sub 10%BF. My last weigh in was at 224 but I have been avoiding the scale the last 16 weeks so I will see where I end up after a rotator recovery rehab cycle. I would like to think that the GH helped in the healing because the science is there. I would also like to think over the last 3 years using it that I developed some new muscle cells that can be exploited because the science is there. I just can’;t say for a fact I have received a return on the investment.


I’ve only had a chance to use generic yellow tops, for about a year and def saw great improvements! Only downside we’re the side effects, especially in th hands but I guess it meant my stuff was good and sometimes like has been mentioned here and h quality was a hit or miss! I wish I knew where I good get good quality Pharma grade but I don’t! :tired_face: guess just have to be stuck with the generics! :tired_face:


Try the generics i mentioned earlier in this thread they are as close to pharma as you can get! Ive used serostims many times and these brands are pretty damn close in quality. I swear by them :metal:t2:


I have to say hands down puretropin all day ed


Im a second for puretropin! They are by far the strongest generics ive ever run :ok_hand:t2: