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Back side is starting to dial in. Still holding water in lower glutes and lower back. Added in some
Letrozole to the mix to pull some of that off along with some hardners. @TrenGod has seen me do many shows from North Americans to Nationals even winning a state show. I’m bigger and fuller than I’ve ever been this close to a show. Here I’m around 212. We will bring me down to around 190s for my next show and bring in a nasty grainy look I’ve never brought. In order to get the lines I want I’ve had to adapt a new training style and it’s starting to pay off big time. Definitely not the type of workouts for the weak minded! Happy Sunday UGM


Love the great definition in the upper lats, shoulders, and trips. Lookin’ good my man. Keep up the hard work.


Damn man you’re gunna look freaky if you’re coming down another 20lbs still! Keep up the good work.


Looking good brotha nice v taper! Gonna look bad ass as you tighten up looking forward to watching your progress! Get after it :facepunch:t2:


Looking great


Keep shredding @PHD and I will be calling you little brother. :call_me_hand:

I know the hard work you are putting in and it is good for everyone see someone so committed to excellence! Thank you for sharing your progress with us.


looks amazing. 190 will look ridiculous i imagine what is your height just curious. looking foreward to see the end results and what 190 looks like all shredded! awesome work! :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:


He is slightly taller than Richard Dreyfuss in heels. 68" if I remember correctly.


Hahahahaha yup you remember bro lol




I remember @PHD because I was so impressed with your muscle distribution and nice taper at 5’8".


I feel like I’m missing everything…im busy…I gotta catch up😉 you better not be 190…but who cares…when you are stepping on the x you’ll be full. Just by one pic and using lbs as a unit of measurement. I personally think 12 to 15 will get you really dry…then I don’t know if your a fan of electrolyte stuff…like sodium etc. My guess for the 64000 question 196 at weigh ins 198 at pre judging…200 night show…they still weigh u in Friday night?


Here’s a fun thing…scroll to just calves…ham/glut e. Lower back , upper back. 2weeks or more…right on schedule. Plus u gotta add in that its one pic…you will have legs…which everyone is missing recently and the LH that won the USA had. Everyone was raving about someone having legs.


Lookin Big AF man!