Leg pain after injectipn


Brother I did the same thing a year ago. Too many pins during a few weeks and pinned my quad with primo. Worst pip I ever had. Heating pad and localized pain relief cream helps.


Sucked. My left knee still looks a little swollen after a year


Thank you for all the tips. Very helpful


While we are on this subject and there may already be a topic like this… but is there anyway to prevent scar tissue build up? When I was younger and only pinned my cheeks this used to be an issue. Now I rotate between the ass,shoulders and quad so it hasn’t seemed to be an issue.


Vastus is my quad go to. Nice illustration!


You know that some of us need pictures lol
Including me lol


I know somebody who still uses crayons!lol😉


I have no idea why nobody talks about pinning the VG’s. Seriously guys it is so easy, painless and that little muscle holds a lot of oil. It has very few nerve ending and blood vessels.

Stand straight up. Place your right fingers on the tip of your right hip bone. Move your fingers down about 2". Raise your right leg straight out to the side. Feel that tear drop shape golf ball size muscle? Eureka thats the spot. :wink:


You can’t prevent it. It is the natural part of healing but you can reduce it by rotating injection sites (the more the better), limiting injection trauma and using a smaller diameter needle.

It just happens @GC1985 but for the most part it takes years for scar tissue to become prominent.


Semperfi can you find a good photo or illustration of the VG injection site? I tried finding one a few times but don’t like the illustrations photos


I would be using the same source of information as you in a google search and I have never needed a picture because how I find it works flawlessly for me.


I have done it a couple of times while using the primo because I needed so many inj points. Its definitely not hard