Lee Power email juvederm

How can this email still circulate? I can’t find anything about it though. Mailorderhgh.com?
I have to opt out or this, I’ve received like 5 promos. Its juvederm from Canada (it looks like) good price with use of alt currency its like a little over 2 bucks a iu. I found the best so far with wehormone but just wondering.

Stick with verified sponsors and you won’t go wrong

Definitely. But did I just sign up for something or is everyone getting this. I still get lawley pharma topical test at 5% made in isreal. Aussie company with progest, test 1%, for women and a 2% and 5 % for men. That one was actually a real company. No bbing references, etc. Now, they mention they need or you need a script. Not cheap either.

Bro I think it’s a scam be careful I see this kind of stuff all the time don’t mess with it if you want Pharma go with a Pharma sponsor here at UGM

Remember geared up strength he has access to those products just made by India Company

Also @pharmacist should have access shoot him an email