Learning and Lurking...mostly Learning though


No worries. Im hard to offend haha. This lanky frame is hard to.fill out


Steroids are just a tool. Not a magical guarantee. :wink: The better disciplined that you are natty with diet, training and a healthy lifestyle the better you increase the benefits of steroid use in my opinion.

Steroids are not going to get your ass up at 4am to go to the gym. Steroids are not going to magically make you choose the right foods. Steroids are not going to help you develop a training method.

You get my point bro. If you are on the fence hop back over to the natty side and test your resolve to your goals. See where that gets you and then reconsider your options in the future.


Dude. Idk why but that is exactly what I needed to hear!


Glad you said that semperfi, because im actually getting up at 4 tomorrow morning just to make it to the gym before work! Its gonna benefit me better to with family life after work!


Hell yea!


Great advice here


You shouldnt even be considering ising drugs until you know how to eat, train, and be consistent successfully. Then you should build a solid foundatiom and see how far you can take it before ever thinking of taking steroids. You can take all the gear under the sun yet make zero progress because you have no idea how to use them to your benefit. My advice for you is to stay natty and learn as much as you possibly can about the things i mentioned previously


Hell Yea man. I think the one area where I need improving is my diet really. Its not that I eat bad, its just that I may not be hitting my target calories/macros, as far as training and consistency, i got that pretty down packed. Thanks man. I will definitely try to get all those in check before trying some gear.


See above . Hit the wrong button.


Let us know about the changes and if it helps. I believe that it will definitely help and then you will be set up to really make gains in a cycle.

Good luck and good gains brother


Thank you sir. You guys are all awesome.