LASIK eye surgery on cycle?


I’m looking into getting it done next month. Is there any issues being on cycle doing something like this?


In all honesty you have patient doctor confidentiality. Say to your doctor hey hypothetically speaking if someone were taking xxxx and xxxx would there be any side effects from that.
He can’t repeat anything that you talk about if he does get the biggest scum bag you know better call sal lawyer you can and get rich in about 3yrs because hippa is taken seriously.
The worst thing that could happen which would actually be the best is he says that we can’t perform the procedure because of that.
Then you know that it could have went really bad but now your good.

I can only preach so much be 100% honest with your doctor or doctors you pay them they work for you. They might act all high and mighty because of a shiny piece of paper framed on the wall but there no better than any of us they bleed red and put one sock on first and then the next lol
Always be honest with your doctor its how I found the best doctor in America he doesn’t prescribe like a maniac or anything like that he is just a normal guy who doesn’t act high and mighty and will do anything to make sure that you are ok or that you get what you need not always what you want but what you need.

Sorry @Andrew0409 just woke up I was working really late and I went on a rant my bad. Just be honest is what I should have written lol


It’s eye surgery you don’t need to come off unless you plan on letting it keep
You house and bed ridden for weeks on end