Larry Pollack interview with Dave Palumbo


I stand corrected…never did stallion labs?? 2007 he said? I may of lost a few years somewhere???


Yes never seen them seems I’ve heard of them years ago.


I laughed, oh whoops forgot to add gh and slin


Never used either scared a slin, (sorry to admit)


And you should be scared of slin. Don’t be sorry. It can be a very dangerous item if you don’t know how to control it with food.

I respect you for that.


I feel once your well trained over a long period…years…many years… The muscle is there and if you keep positive " nitrogen balance" keep training and eating right. There really is no reason to lose muscle, or even gain. I think most would agree the common denominator is when most stop competing in whatever, there is a extended period of time where training is stopped or minimized a lot, eating is reduced, then no drugs…even if your healthy you get smaller and in most cases fatter which makes you look even worse! On that note wtf happened to nick trigili on his you tube, he looks badddd.


Yes, I have even spent time researching it and usually that alone will peak my interest, but yeah I’m good.


Seriously man, he looks unhealthy


Oh…now i have to google slin…my head hurts :rofl::rofl:


@fitstudboi um negative sir lol


Love it…its a movie fa real. Wow. It was a great watch. I as well never watch stuff like this…but here i am…i dont even watch tv. And i pay for cable every month!:joy::joy:


Whhhaaat just so i know what it iiis?! :joy:


Lol no real reason for you to go down that rabbit hole


You don’t compete bro and you have different goals. I don’t advice slin for anyone


Oh i know…i just wanted to know what it is how its used and if i need to become diabetic so i can get a script to add to my trt! :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning: :rofl::rofl::rofl: i am JUUUST having fun…i already freak out every time i have to give myself a shot…takes me 5 to 10 minutes…i certainly don’t want to add another needle.

But for real…just want to know what stuff is so when i see the many posts talking about what they stack…it wont be chinese to me :rofl::rofl:


Lol dude you crack me up. No diabetic for you lol. Oh I sent your update.


Will go look thanx :+1::muscle::muscle::grinning::grinning:


Yeah I remember when all of that Mexico shit went down. Muy loco! I personally know a lot of stories , events and people regarding similar situations. But I digress.




Understood man, some stories are best left unsaid ha