Landmark chemicals do not order


Well, wise see wisdom bro.


By the way, what Vision said on BOP is true, we once had problem with a batch of HGH, but we already solved that issue and we still have cooperation. Like you said if it’s UGMs Official Statement for us, it’s OK, people have their right to make their choices.

And I see you marked me as SPAMMER/SCAMMER, though I registered this account today and never sent even one message to anyone here, I think it’s meanlingless to say anymore.

Take care guys. :slight_smile:


Yes I did mark you at that. Spamming members from the community and getting called out as a scammer for bunk gh on other boards, Im going to mark the account. Just because you open a new account doesnt mean only the account used for spamming is marked. All associated ones too.

Now again nothing you mentioned even goes into account the shitty emails you all have. Honestly if you are as big as you claim to be, then you should have no problems paying for a protonmail account that gives you over 50 emails to use that all end in the domain name.

Now saying you fixed the problem on a bunk order. Im calling this out as a selective scam. Ive been in this game over 20 years. You can send out bad products knowingly that cost you pennies, then wait for complaint and do a reship of better quality.Eample with your GH. All the sales to people that had the bunk gh and didnt know about it, was just profit for you. But the same can be said for your raws quality and complaints. Its the same selective scam. Send shitty low dosed products out and wait for complaints. Chinese scammers have been doing this for years.


Not sure how you IMAGINE all these, but you’re the boss of your place bro. BTW, our emails ending with suffixes landmarkchem is our official email, every one of legit landmark reps owns such an email, and it costs more than protonmail. Honestly it’s weird you said we should pay for protonmail…But to some extent they’re similar.


Protonmail is proven and encryption is open source. If you havent figured out I know quite a bit about cyrptography and servers. Getting a normal protonmail is free for regular people. So anything they send will be encrypted end to end without issues. To make this simple for you a client gets a protonmail and sends you an email and its encrypted both ways. Theres no break in encryption.

If your claiming you use a better email server lol. Ok I did some checking and here it goes.



This shows me the server and mx service you guy are using. Which china email server goes back here to this companies service.

That company does not offer PGP encryption or outgoing transmission encryption other then getting past chinas firewall. There is in no way is this company better then protonmail. So given this information emails sent too and from in unencrypted.

BUT given the shitty email service you have even to ensure that all emails are valid, Instead you guys still have reps using hotmail and yahoo bullshit. As a company all your reps should ONLY use an official email.

Edit: I’ll further add that your email exactly comes back to this

MX record found: (Priority 5)
MX record found: (Priority 10)
Connecting to
Connected to
Dialog with ok
220 ESMTP Postfix (2.4.1)

Now that tells me what version of Postfix your email has and is a very old fucking version before many of the vulnerabilities postfix has had.


Sorry I’m not expert in programming, to be honest I even’t don’t understand the things you listed, I’m just a rep who loves my company so I’m here to clear something. What I know is our boss payed for the email and I don’t think you know much about things in China. If you think this is the reason we’re scammer, then we’re scammer in you mind, I’m not going to correct this as I said we can’t be loved by all. Thanks for your time writing all these, but I’d better leave here, it’s your territory. Take care.


@PHD check this out. I “dont know much about china” lol.

I stated the other reasons you guys selectively scam or have shitty products. Thats normal.

The email issue is a techinical safety issue.


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