KOL promotion has landed


Dope! :sunglasses:


![image|375x500](upload://ygcRDTiJTFGI49fexxyCgZvS0j0. I got lucky enough to get a test e and test prop it arrived within a few days packaged discretely and taped to the box so it didn’t get thrown around, I’m gonna start next week and get back with y’all on how it is


Keep us posted on the quality. Hopefully someone will get bloods done soon


I like the card


I received my box today, just like everyone else has been saying. Quick delivery, packaging top notch, presentation best I’ve seen. Definitely will get back with everyone once I start to run. Thanks a bunch @King-of-lions for allowing me to participate solid! :facepunch: :facepunch:


Just wanna recognize King of Lions for the cool promotion and their generosity. Pack was received and cannot really say much more than what’s already been said.Packaging was stealth, presentation was pretty wild as I cannot say that I ve ever received a “thank you” card for buying “supplements” before. Definitely looking forward to the upcoming reviews on their different products. Thank You


I wanted to stop in and say that I also had the pleasure of doing some business with KOL. The replies were very quick and he seems like a pretty easy going and straight forward person. I like that in a sponsor. Delivery was fast and came packaged very well. I appreciated the entire process being simple and efficient. I will be using his Deca on my next run and I’m pretty excited to see what this source is made of.

I did have 2 questions. The Test E is labeled 100mg/ml but I was of the understanding that it was higher. Am I missing something?

Second, my wife had a strong essential oil going in the house but to me I thought I smelled guaiacol when I opened the package. It could have just been the weird oils my wife was using lol. Do you guys use guaiacol in any of your oils?


@Berserker. I really hope you enjoy our product! Thank you for the kind and honest review of the ordering experience.
We made a mistake with the Test E labels as they should read 300mg/ml. Honest mistake and we apologize to everyone.
The only time we use guac is with our chips and salsa, lol. A little BB and BA (as little as possible) but that is it.
We appreciate you!


Thanks for the reply back. Of course I can only review the product as delivered and the process right now but rest assured a review will be done post cycle and you’ll be able to see my notes in my log along the way. Great job so far. Also, I don’t particularly care about the label so much, just wanted to be sure I was going to be using a proper dose. If you guys could get that taken care of quickly though it would be appreciated. If someone really thought it was 100mg and thought they would double their dose, they might end up with a much unexpected surprise in a few weeks lol


Very true. We changed the labels as soon as we realized it.


Staying on top of things and handling things quickly is all the people can ask for. Thanks guys