KOL promotion has landed


So I was fortunate enough to get in on KOL test prop promotion. Very quick service from when I got my confirmation email. Oils look superb, very clean. Labeling is on point as well as the crimping job, very professional. I will be starting my cruise in 2 weeks with 50mg EOD using only KOL’s product. Keep posted as I will report back with an in-depth reveiw. Thank you @King-of-lions for the opportunity. I really look forward to your line.


Your presentation was way better then mine.


Great Pic!!


Looking good :star_struck:


That’s really cool that they did that I believe that they are going to be a top sponsor at ugmuscle.com


Thats pretty dam cool . Hopefully the gear is tip top !


I asked for a price list myself. I received the promo offer too…no word back. I wasn’t expecting it truthfully. Not fishing for free gear, just a bit corny if you ask me…


Full Retraction Required!!!

When I went to the mailbox just a minute ago, guess what was in there? Promo product as per KOL’s email.

I hope will suffice as a community-wide retraction and sincere apology to KOL. I’m a schmuck! my bad!


Warwolf, I am just glad I am no longer corny!! Lol. Super excited you got your pack. We knew it was sent, we were just waiting for you to get it. For future reference, just message us directly about any issues. I hope you enjoy it!!


Well Outfuckingstanding @warwolf cause I was debating on questioning what was so corny


Good point @King-of-lions ask questions before running off at the mouth, and I make that mistake to, here on the forum and in life.


Alright peeps the eagle has landed!! Big Thank you to @King-of-lions for the wonderful gift. Appreciate the professionalism in the way it was sent and delivered to, these babies were packed with lots of love and care. The card is a nice touch never seen that before with a source and adds that personal touch, makes me feel like I got this from Amazon lol.

Presentation is nice and pictures doesn’t justify the yellow/goldish nectar in the bottle. Planning to run down the road but will post review along with bloods. Stay Tuned!

Love the logo as well…since I’m a LEO


“…Like I got this from Amazon”. Classic!!:sunglasses:


I think we are all guilty of this to some extent @John. The SUPER “g” move by @warwolf was the retraction. He could have let it be, took the pack and never said shit. Being able to acknowledge a mistake is hard for a lot of people, myself included.


Yes I am with you guys on that @King-of-lions


Got my stuff last night y’all…


Looking good!


Pretty cool presentation with a thanks for your biz card as well.


All of them are very pretty :grin: enjoy guys


Oh right, forgot to mention the packaging and what not… So the two vials were top to top, vacuum sealed in some tough bag, then wrapped in bubble wrap. Taped up so it wouldn’t come unraveled, then taped to one inside part of the USPS so it wouldn’t move around during shipping. All and all, the best I’ve seen so far. Most places are straight up good, but KOL is top notch.