King of lions, test the water order


I’ve got some sources that I use on the regular, but I like to try some of the new ones from time to time.
I got a good feeling about KOL so I put in a little order.
I ordered the test e and some promo prop.
Shipping and communications are fast.
Product survived the polar vortex without crashing.
Packaging was well protected and professional.
The only thing off that I noticed is the mistake on the concentration. The test e 300 was labeled 100mg/ml
Also, the no burr caps are the best. No shredding of your cotton wipe.


Artsy pic, edited


Burrr is a fan of no burr




Never knew of the no burr caps! those look great


I love those caps. I’ve only seen a few labs using them though. Cleaning the cap then touching it with your fingers to grab little hairs then having to clean it again is just an annoying cycle lol


Wow looks good brother! Those no Burr caps are awesome