Keys to the Inner Universe



If your a reader, want to expand your knowledge of bodybuilding or simply like to add to your library for references related to bodybuilding I would recommend adding Keys to the Inner Universe by Bill Pearl. Many consider it a must have. Bill Pearl is described as the ‘thinking man’s’ bodybuilder and is a golden era legend.

Publisher Description -

Bill Pearl’s “Keys to the INNER Universe” is the most complete and comprehensive manual ever published on bodybuilding and weight training. 638 pages (8 1/2 x 11) of photographs, anatomical drawings, charts, exercises and sound reading covering every aspect of bodybuilding and weight training from the novice to the heavy weight. An Invaluable aid and a MUST for Coaches, Trainers and Gym Instructors. Nothing is forgotten, not even dieting or the psychology behind it all.


This looks well worth a purchase even at a cost of around $70. I’ve only ever read a book by Tom Platz from the early ‘90s (showing my age lol) and it taught me loads about everything from training to dieting through to hiding the evidence trail of our beloved juice!! Are there any other similar books that people recommend?


Here is a much better price for your consideration @Swest

You may also want to consider Getting Stronger also by Bill

Because of where Bill lives I have had the honor of shaking the mans hand and spending time with some of his extended family.


The Quadfather. I started my BB dream back in the early 80’s addicted to Tom. I just knew I would have his legs someday… man did I fall way short. :wink:


I think we all did (apart from @UNITED and @PHD) but I guess theyre just fucking lunatics when it comes to leg day lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Makes me laugh in the gym I use- you’ve got all these young B.B. ers that have really well developed upper bodies, phenonimal strength and some I know are ‘juicing’ but when it comes to leg day I think they must phone in sick lol


Just found it on amazon uk (not plugging them or anything) for £25 (around $30 US). Arrives Monday- hope the wife doesn’t mind being ignored for a while lol. I’ll tell her to thank you @SemperFi


@Swest don’t be throwing me under the bus on your side of the pond. Especially not with your wife. I have a Scotland trip planned next year and I don’t want her hunting me down. A scorned wife knows no bounds. :wink:


Ha ha- keep your eye on UGM and I’ll give you the heads up when she’s on her way!!


For my fifteenth birthday my dad bought me a gym membership and gave me this book. Way before I was born my dad used to train with Bill at the old Rockwell facility.


Your father has great taste in books and friends.

That’s too cool!