Keto The weight loss has stopped


By weight if possible.


The only way to do it properly lol.


If you are serious and want some help in this area reach out to @PHD. He has a great special going on right now. I think it is 8 weeks for $99. Thats a steal for professional help!


Postive support @Coalhogg because you have came so far buddy and deserve to succeed… Shift your obsession of weighing yourself and become obsessed in weighing your food intake. Every leaf of lettuce, every pork rind, and every ounce of fat. @MBTJR1980 is a strong advocate in this area and that is how serious people see serious results.


I have a food scale. I’ll start weight my daily intake. I really eat the same things everyday. Yesterday was everything that was the closest to me lol. I’ll start weighting everything tomorrow and see what that does. If this matters my keto strips show 80 mg/dL.


Keto strips at this stage are ineffective. They are inaccurate anyway but since you have been in ketosis awhile already the pee strips only measure acetone production and your acetone levels get out of whack after entering and staying in ketosis The best way to measure is a blood sugar meter using keto strips. If you are on a strict keto diet I guarantee, except for a unknown medical issue, you are in ketosis so measuring with pee strips is just going to cause confusion. Trust the process of the diet and thats how you can confidently measure ketosis.

EDIT- It does not matter where your reading is on the pee strip. Ketosis is ketosis. If you need to use the strips for your own benefit any color change towards purple is a ‘good to go’ sign… thats the best way I can explain it. :wink:


Weighing and tracking your food is the utmost importance if you wanna be serious about your results. You cant guess and look amazing unless you are the genetically elite but thats 1% of population if that. Get myfitnesspal app and weigh your food and track it see what your results are then you can learn how to make small adjustments to keep progress coming bro. Diet to me is 90% of the game and the part most people put the least amount into


I have the app. Just never have the time with 3 busy kids. But I’m gonna make time


Good to hear. As @SemperFi likes to quote “Anything worth doing, is worth overdoing”


Having a support system is important brother. Following a structured plan designed around your life is also important. If you can afford it I highly suggest that you reach out to @PHD. He can design a system around your keto lifestyle, family and work schedule that will fit realistic goals using a realistic approach. You don’t have to be a bodybuilder or even a weightlifter to benefit from a paid service. It is a great investment that might provide you with returns you never would have achieved on your own.


I’ll have to check it out


We are always here to help no matter what direction you choose to go. You have done amazing work so far so be proud of that and do not let yourself get distracted to the point of giving anything back!


Thanks guys. Your the best.


Def here if you need anything bud good job :+1:t2:


Anything I can help you with bro feel
Free to reach out. Awesome job


Well since the before the holidays I decided to get off the keto lifestyle. I really figured I would pack on some extra pounds. Nope. Pigged out on thanksgiving and the next day. But really watching what I ate. But ate at a normal state. Feel awesome. Lose 6 more pounds. Been training after work 4 days a week. I honestly think that sugar is my weight gainer.


Sugar and saturated or trans fat are the worst! Limit your consumption of these and your health and physique will thank you!


First of the year I’m starting my cycle. Test deca eq. 3 blend Sarms for the 1st 4 weeks then androl for the last 4. Diet will be chicken and rice. Oats and eggs in the am. I’m ready to grow in a good way


Im curious which sarms will you be using?
Also have you considered pulsing the adrol?
Just curious


Gw. Lgd ost