Journey back to 7% blood work coming soon


Alright guys just placed an order with @UNITED .
Will be getting blood work done Tuesday morning. Hopefully will be able to post blood work before the end of next week pre @UNITED test. And then possibly 5weeks in and 10weeks.


I will be following your progress I think that its whithin reach. I don’t think I could ever see 7% on me Iike eating to much lol


Glad to see someone else running bloods!


I’m pretty sure more guys run bloods and just don’t post it, myself included. I do it for my own awareness of my health.


If you run bloods you are 100% in the minority. Most don’t. I’m like you. Always run for my health. Everyone should.


Well considering I use letrozole instead of other estrogen blockers I like to stay on top of my bloods. My hdl tends to be on the bad side when running tren. And I like to know I’m getting good results from my gear other than just looking good.


This was around same time last year. Need to work my core a little more. Sorry but got to block out the names on my stomach lol.


Awesome brother, yes please do keep us updated!! looking great already, respect the hard work! - UNITED


I run a few different markers. I was doing blood work quarterly up to exactly 1 year ago. I will do it again after phase one is done and I’m back to my more “healthy” lifestyle. Training very hard, doing “real cardio” meditation, I actually am being a bit hypocritical because I know a few things will be off. Maybe not but I decided that do to the fact that all was clear last year. I do test, free%, diol, etc. But also, other biomarkers of inflammation, psa, I also and recommend the manual tests and US/CT of liver, heart, kidneys, lungs. Ercp, colonoscopy and hemocult if your a 40 and older PED user. I choose to include my long time Doc and fill him in by stating I do TRT plus such and such. A lie but enough to get his ear. If anyone tells their doc about competitive usage or “real amts” and they don’t freak out then they are/ were in the game or didn’t hear you or plain ignorant. They might apply the poly substance algorithm : 1 joint equals 5, 2 beers equals 12, no such thing as recreational cocaine or heroin use. :triumph: I guess its like brushing and flossing real good before dentist appt. I’m gonna post them as I get them in my log. Starting soon