Josh's workout log with Titan Training


She puts a lot of work into my diet that phd has set for me! It definitely takes 2!


@mommie2008 you sound like my wife lol. That’s awesome! If I miss anything in my day to day, the wife is always there to remind me of it. I have days that I really just don’t want to workout and she will motivate me and remind me of my goals and talk me into wanting it. It’s great a to have a good woman in your corner and supporting you. Keep up the good work mommie!


Couldnt agree more with having a good wife that has your back :wink:


It’s not always about the wife. The husband’s should be happy too. Happy spouse happy house!!!


Thanks i try. Just want him to be happy and continue to achieve goals he sets our that we set together!! When you find someone like that you know you are with the right person!! When you are in love with some one you will do whatever you can for them


What’s the name of what?


I couldn’t agree more. You two sound like a great couple. Keep up the good work you two!


That back pack


Happy spouse happy house! WOW! You need to talk to my wife about that one lol you are pretty damn awesome @mommie2008 :metal:t2:


Yeah she is… and smoking hot to


Im spoiled by my husband, but he is also spoiled !!! and i am extremely happy with our relationship, what we have accomplished, and were we are in life, etc

I just don’t think it’s right that just the lady needs to be catered to or treated as a queen.

It takes two to tango and if you really care about your spouse both will put the effort in to make sure one another is happy and treated like a king/queen.

So no more happy wife happy life…lol…

Happy spouse happy house!!! :wink:


So are you babe!! Hotalicious :kissing_heart:


I actually use bj right now is gfs open to the public?
I see there trucks all the time I might go just pay a driver to say he lost a case or 2 one day lol


@Bigmurph could use a BJ every one if any girlfriends are open to public?

Lmaoooo too funny how those aligned.


I know sysco has facilities open to the public… those drivers are probably more than willing to make a few extra bucks by losing a few cases… happens all the time


You give BJs??? Lol
Yes gfs is open to public


What is going on here


I read your post and was thinking wtf
Clever lol


Yeah just reread that not my best post ever lol


Yeah I was trying to read this at work in an email, trying to figure out what was really going on here! Ok so are we back on topic of food?

Anyway gentlemen today is an off day for me! Kind of a forced off day because of scheduling but it worked out perfect! I’l be back at it tomorrow mid morning!