Josh's workout log with Titan Training


For sure. Yes I’m finishing up mine also. I use the strawberry lol.


I did notice with the karbolyn when looking up which one to get that the serving size per gram changed, not drastically, with each different flavor. And id be pretty sure to say that the scooper size doesn’t change for each flavor. Not that it’s that big of a deal but if that’s true then you would actually get more of the real product by just going with the neutral flavor… obviously the flavoring agents are fillers but just crazy how much of a scoop they can actually take up as far as the grams are concerned


Which brand are you currently using?


EFX karbolyn “fuel”, green apple 4.4 pound container
200 calories, 50g carb


I might need to get me some of that


Haribo Gummy Bears! :wink: Not to mess up @josh log but UCAN Super Starch is killer also.


@PHD your thoughts on UCAN super starch?


Seth feroce brand axe and sledge is a better carb source in my opinion. I’ll be switching this week. @josh finish ur tub no need to buy new one lol. You’re a supplement junkie lol.

I think @SemperFi is fucking with you bro lol


Trying to see if he is trusting the process! Or will he head in the direction with the next breeze.

@PHD nailed it @josh. Trust the process brother and follow the path laid out. We are rooting for ya!


My go to carb up for workouts when I used it was hbcd from true nutrition. When I switch to TKD I’ll be adding it back in before lifts.


Lol, I’m putting all my trust in the process… im not changing anything unless phd tells me to. And yes I will finish up the tub of karbolyn before I do anything else, that shit was pricey! I just wanted an opinion on that UCAN stuff… I wouldn’t be able to just go buy anything cuz it’s posted on here without informing phd about it, I’m committed to this program and to far into it physically, mentally, and financially to just go get something off the cuff!


Hey bro curious where you got your karbylon from and how much you paid that stuff is pretty cheap. Well you got the big jug. But still it is reasonably priced.


Amazon… it was $49 for the 4.4#, I think the 2.2# was like $29, I guess by me saying pricey that is kind of an overstatement, but considering it is the most $$$ i’ve spent on 1 item it was not cheap to me. Granted it will last for a while i usually am not spending more than $20 on any 1 specific vitamin/ supplement (gear not included in this statement)


11/8 log
Leg day

Session length: 47 min 57 sec
Exercises done: 6
Goals acheived: 2
Sets: 3
Reps: 15 - 20
Warm ups and cardio not included in these numbers
Total weight lifted: 39335lbs
Current weight: 195
60 seconds between sets
5 minutes on treadmill @ 6mph to start the workout

Sissy squats are definitely getting better. Trying to get form down with slow even motions! I feel if I had just 15 more minutes available to use the gym I would have broke the 40k total weight lifted. Leg days are for sure getting better, stronger. Im doing legs 2 times a week (different muscle groups). Like i’ve said before I never used to work legs so this is definitely an achievement alone everytime I do them. Decided today for some ungodly reason that I was going to do my a-bomb 30 minutes before workout, and broke it open instead of letting it dissolve in my stomach… holy sh!t that worked! Workout was amazing, and just an fyi it hasn’t changed my appetite at all since I first started the stuff, but after doing that… idk it went right out the window… so im not sure exactly why that happened but I will try it again to see if that is what caused the disappearing appetite, because I have been ridiculously hungry all day and then boom it’s gone. (I know it’s prone to happen, but I’m not wanting to lose my appetite, and I love my food) so again it may have been something else I did that im just not craving food right now. I’ll keep you guys updated on that.


Whatever you do don’t miss a meal. Stay on your diet plan. Force feed if you have to. Otherwise you mys well throw the drol out the window.

Keep moving forward and don’t look back… you are not headed that way!


I was going to add that in my log about force feeding myself, because that’s what im doing currently… im not missing out on those macros!


Ok so my wife came home and noticed I hadn’t ate my last meal… guess what I did


Its getting easier now that we have a system!! Xoxo


Never heard of it. Is that what’s it’s really called so i can Google it


Happy wife happy life! You are lucky to have a wife that is in your corner as much as she is bro! @mommie2008 you are a good woman! You guys have a great team work system in place