Josh's workout log with Titan Training


Look at that cardio!! Haha beats my usual.


Figured I’d throw that in hoping you’d comment @Fitraver


Not sure why the graph is mostly pink colors… usually they got like green and browns


I am not getting the purpose of this feature but I am app illiterate… at BEST!


It’s just a feature I guess to see what you could concentrate more on (assuming the app is 100% accurate) but still good to see where your pitfalls are!
I’ve been told im getting “popeye” forearms but as you can see my forearms are at 1%… :thinking:
So here is another feature that I get emailed


Yea… That body part breakdown is completely useless. In a world of information I guess app developers are just drawing straws to keep people engaged. I am not a tech guy but I am glad you are enjoying all the feature that it provides.


I am glad to use it knowing that when I log my workouts it’s “semi” accurate! There are alot more features and notes that you have to add that are not accounted for but as a beginner it’s a good starting point





That’s what a few of my buddies look like at work after they come with me to the gym! It is hilarious seeing them like that


Same here bro lmao. I have a buddy that asked me to meet up with him and his buddy at the gym. They said they would just do my workout. Yeah well long story short, they never invited me back and bitched for the next week about how sore they were.