Josh's workout log with Titan Training


love the log brother


Thanks @b40361. I appreciate everybody who reads threw it, I try and keep it updated daily. Granted i might miss a day or two every once in a while but it’s usually on point!


@SemperFi on desktop version does it show you the exact post people reply to cuz on mobile I had no clue what post he was even replying to me on.




Def a nice advantage. Wish mobile would. Lol when I say mobile I mean mobile browser. Not the app.


I’ve run into that as well on mobile, but kinda just try and piece a few previous responses together. I just assumed he was talking about me withholding info in my log


Got put into an awkward situation yesterday at work.
Boss man tried giving me a verbal warning for "eating to much / to often ".
Got pulled into the office with my union rep and got a tongue lashing about my eating… what the boss wasn’t aware of is the fact that 2 days ago I just picked up a doctor’s note explaining how I must eat randomly throughout the work shift and not just on breaks! It totally turned the table on my boss and now that a doctor’s note is in play if I get talked to about eating again it becomes a HIPPA issue!


I use mobile version and in the top corner of a reply it shows a little circle of who the reply goes back to.
You don’t have this?


Just an example


Yes I can see who relies to me but not what message. For instance someone repaired to me on a very old thread that I had posted many things in and I had no clue which message there reply was to.


I dont understand the need to randomly eat but if it works for you go for it!


If you click the circle in the top corner it should bring you back to the post that it is a reply to.
If this isn’t happening let me know I have just tried it and its working.
If its not working for a reason I would like to take a look into the situation via pm


Life changing @Bigmurph thank you for that knowledge share.


Anything you need brother im always here to help


I guess I should have maybe elaborated more about that, but basically it’s not random eating. I pack myself 3 meals for work (which @mommie2008 has posted pics of my meals). I only get a 14 minute break, and a 16 minute lunch break. So the 3 meals I bring to work with me get ate at around 2hour intervals.


New routine… felt good!
Big difference in this number

Legs are on fire :boom::fire:


I would like to know what I could include in my log for you guys to read? I have some things that I specifically and intentionally leave out, but am curious what you would like me to post. If you follow much of what I say, you’ll see diet changes, workout changes, supp changes, something I took out, something I added! Im looking to make my log more beneficial to the community and would like your help documenting the process


Neat features to keep an eye on with jefit


That’s interesting so that chart represents the amount of time you have spent on each body part?


Forearms and triceps
I believe that triceps get worked in many different exercises I was surprised to see a low percentage on triceps