Josh's workout log with Titan Training


That’s fucking awesome brother. My bag isn’t cool like that. I have a back pack cooler but I don’t have the shelves like that.
Im going to check Amazon for the actual pictures of yours.


I just got this one not long ago and I love it. I had a cooler backpack for years but this is a game changer for storage and organization. Especially since we all eat out of Tupperware containers all day lol


I really like it.
My only thing is I have to have the backpack cooler because I ride a motorcycle so I can’t just throw a bag on the bike. I wish that my backpack would open from the side like that though. I really like that.


Found a bunch on amazon real good prices also


Lucky you, they make a 3 meal and a 5 meal back pack too bro.


I got the 5 meal 6pack and it was like $80 or something and I had a gift card so I think I paid less than $40 for mine


So it is a back pack?
I saw it as just a bag I need to look again


200$ ouch

I do see more options now though that are back pacs I know what im going to ask Santa for this year now.


Nah bro… f that noise. Check out the innovator 300 and 500 on here. They are actual backpacks with the same design as my bag


That’s much better I was looking at the ones on AMAZON and they honestly wouldn’t last because of what I put my bag through. These bags have more of what I need. Im still a little worried about spending big money and it not living up to what they claim.
So right now I actually use a very common cooler back pack. I have to get a new one every 3-6 months because of whatever reason. They just can’t handle the beating I put them through. With the one I use now I know that I can kick the shit out of it and then just replace it for around 50$. It doesn’t include any of the extras that these bags have and I really like the way that they open from the side because one of the reasons for the bag I use now not lasting is the opening from the top. Having to rummage down through everything stacked inside and I pack it tight causes the seams to break.
Im really taking a closer look at these bags because I would spend the extra money if I know that it will last. I appreciate the link I will let you know if I pick one up.


That would be awesome if someone else was using this as well so we could see about durability… @Berserker you did say you just got yours correct?


That’s correct. I did just get mine so I can’t attest to its durability right now. I’m not nice to shit like this though so we’ll see how well it holds up for sure.


Im definitely interested in how it survives a day in the life of berserker.


Lmao. I torture test shit all the time. I’m a firm believer in having good quality tools on hand. I have an Agency Arms built Glock 19 with the works over 2k into a pistol and I threw that shit against a tree, smashed it with a log, buried it in the snow and left it there for a week last winter. Pulled it out with a round in the chamber and let her loose. I’m not afraid to test my shit lmao


Oh yeah good job on that glock buddy what else does that fucking 2k include


Do you know how many guns I could buy for 2k bro


Sorry @josh for screwin up your log


I’ve been waiting for a handy but they forgot to attach a hand hahahaha.

Sorry @josh carry on


11/28 log

Session length: 1hr 19min 3sec
Exercises complete: 8
Goals acheived: 3
Total weight lifted: 27182.5
Sets: 3
Reps: 15-20 (lower weight, higher reps this time)

Got about 45 minutes into this workout and was feeling good and strong, then 2 friends stopped in the gym and just bullshitted around trying to talk. (I was in a good state of mind and it threw me off messing the last part of my routine up). It seems to me sometimes people just go to the gym for it to be social hour and places for them to take selfies. Drives me nuts! :exploding_head::exploding_head: I can enjoy talking every once in awhile but I’m not at the gym to socialize…
Anyway the workout was good but rating it as a C- for losing the pump and getting off track! Next time music stays in my ear and no bs!
If I have time on 11/29 next workout will be legs.


Nice work bro. Get it in bright n early. I rarely go to a public gym unless I’m helping out a friend for training. That’s the exact reason why. Too many facebook/instagram/snapchat fools always walking around with their phones, sitting on machines or benches with their phones etc. Makes me want to punch them all in the throat