Josh's workout log with Titan Training


Damn you guys are nuts! Thats a lot of kiddies :crazy_face: i cant even imagine that amount of craziness in the house. My son is like a tornado all by himself then add another 4 or 5! I give you both serious props you guys are great parents for sure. Sending my best wishes to you all :innocent:


Thanks bro! Takes up alot of time and effort but we still manage everything very well! And we decided to move far from family and friends to do it alone! Makes us a better family


I do have some logs saved up for the past few days, i’l try and get them up tomorrow… training over the holiday stayed normal, but yeah I cheated on my diet! Back on track with it today though and now starting tomorrow again back to the normal daily grind!


That’s so cute
I actually don’t have any kids or even any nieces or nephews. I probably won’t have children but my brother and sister will and im going to be the best uncle ever. Depending on how you look at spoiling children lol
I hope that you two have another girl so your daughter can have a sister to share her room with.


You don’t usually hear that from people but I respect that alot that you two do it yourselves and choose to do it that way and stand on your own two feet.


Jefit weekly update


11/26 log

Session length: 1hr 9 min 26sec
Exercise complete: 7
Goals acheived: 2
Sets: 4
Reps: 10-12
Total weight lifted: 55575lbs

Started this routine as normal but instead of doing sets of 3 I increased to sets of 4. First 3 sets were progressive increase in weight with the final set being reduced in weight and did till failure! About half way through routine a buddy decided to jump in and help with going a little heavier on final exercises. Needless to say i was for sure having a hard time walking to the exit door when done! Awesome workout tonight and glad my friend was doing his quads tonight as well. He took a few videos of the workout and i was amazed!


Hell yeah my bro! Thats how to burn the house down! Great job on that leg beat down and on making it hard to hobble out the gym. Thats how you make the progress you are looking for! Keep kick ass bro you are doing an outfuckingstanding job like our boy @John would say lol :wink:


Thanks bro appreciate it! I wish I could edit videos otherwise I’d love to share them! It was outfuckingstanding lol :+1:


I wish i knew how to i got a video of me squatting 575x6 that i want to post!


Geez I wanna see that! If you ever figure that out you gotta share it! :muscle:


You know i will brother


Ready for my shift at work!

Just barely enough to make it threw an 8 hour shift!


Looks like a solid diet to me im jealous I wish I had some leftovers from Thanksgiving .


That definitely was barely enough today, it’s funny because everybody at work is always joking about me always having something to eat, it’s kind of frustrating trying to explain to them about following a diet and how I have to eat every few hours. I don’t see how these people can go a whole shift without eating…i brought 3 meals to work with me today!


Those people don’t look or act like us. I know the feeling when I bring my back pack cooler everywhere with me and people think that im crazy. They can’t comprehend that I will just break out a Tupperware and start eating.
They don’t have the dedication or the muscle a on point diet does make the difference in growth. You will be flexing this summer and they will still be trying to lose the weight from winter lol


Yesterday was an off day so after work today is going to be a back/ bicep day…


This is my day to day now. A protein shake on each side of the 6pack, my 5 containers of food and on the top compartment, my 2 snacks


Damn that’s a nice setup!


Just search 6pack 3 meal or 6pack 5 meal on Amazon. It’ll come up. The 5 meal is huge but I figured i could use it on road trips with the family too. I can fit all 5 food containers, a 64oz bottle of water, 3 32oz shakers, and enough snacks for 3 kids in this thing lol