Josh's workout log with Titan Training


First find a local show and check dates. You would need enough time to prep usually 16 weeks for a prep. If that’s your goal we can deff get you to the stage. We can change things up and put you into a bulking phase next update. Email me if your serious and we can discuss. Look up 2019 npp in your class


It’s been mentioned to me a few times and I keep brushing it off… so yeah I think it’s time to get serious about it… next comp on my area is I think in March, but I don’t know enough yet to commit unless you think that long enough? Idk bro I’m up in the air! I think I wanna give it a go


I’ll be honest your not ready for a contest especially in March. I’ll never have you do a prep if your not ready. I say a year of good lean bulking then we can address it. But we can train towards those goals. Let’s fugure out what you want to do. Take next 6-8 months with a good clean bulking and we can access it then


ill keep working with you on this, just take the lead and tell me where we head! Im all ears


Skipped out of work early today to get more time in the gym…
Goal for this routine today is to get 1 goal acheived in each exercise! Time to get it in!


Damn skipping work for the gym
I like it


My boss didn’t really like the idea of me doing that, but that’s why I pay union dues to get p.t.o.! So technically I got paid to get a workout in!


11/14 log
Chest/ shoulder/ tricep

Session length: 1hr 31min 12sec
Exercises complete: 11
Goals acheived: 9
Total weight lifted: 38835 lbs
Current weight: 196
Sets: 3
Reps: 12-15

  • Warmups not included in these numbers

  • 5 minutes on treadmill @ 6mph

  • 60 second of rest between sets and exercises

went into today’s routine with a hope and dream of setting a Record in every exercise I did! Well as you see I did 11 and got 9 goals! Felt incredibly strong through out this whole routine today… once I finished my workout and saw that I was only a few points away from 40k I wanted to keep going just to get that number up, but decided not to because I had already accomplished getting that many goals today and that was euphoric enough for today!
Grading today’s routine “A”, pushed hard, felt strong, still feeling strong, great concentration on form… just an all around good workout day!
Now it’s time to eat!


That’s awesome man… Getting it in.


Thats what a great trainer does, be honest with your client and tell them the truth even if it may hurt their feelings that way they can move forward knowing what needs to be done to get where they want to be. @PHD tons of respect for how you do your thing my bro :facepunch:t2:


Took a break today! Had a nice extreme workout yesterday and gonna hit legs tomorrow!


11/17 log

Session length: 1hr 27min 15sec
Exercises complete: 8
Sets: 3
Goals achieved: 0
Total weight lifted: 44225lbs

  • 5 minutes on treadmill @6mph

  • Crunches 35,25,20 (60 seconds in between sets)

Had a nice workout going on for about a solid hour (had the gym all too myself) and then a buddy of mine showed up so the last 30 minutes I kinda just messed around with some other random workouts. Overall still a great workout. Those freaking sissy squats got me in the end though. Crazy how what looks to be such a simple exercise can actually make you walk funny!

Last time doing this leg routine total weight lifted was 39335lbs, so this was a nice increase!


I did start a log today but my routine at the gym got all screwed up, between phone calls and getting the day planned with kids and wife and friends I wasn’t able to get the workout in that I wanted and had to cut out of the gym almost 30 minutes before I was planning on leaving.
It was a back and bicep day so maybe tomorrow I’ll just try that routine again!
As you can see the log kinda made my numbers drop with the jefit log!


Got a log for you guys but gotta eat first! Just got home from gym and browsing the forum!


How’s everything going with your program.
Reading your log it seems like you are doing really well.


The training has been going very well, positive and progressive! The diet was honestly the hardest to get used to because being uneducated with no advice I used to just eat everything and anything because I thought I could when I got hungry and @PHD has got mine in check, I’ll do another check in tomorrow with him and we will see how things change…(maybe some more food)! The gear started off as an issue but has been resolved now and on track for roughly 1 week to what phd originally wanted as my protocol (I messed that up because of the EQ cyp situation). All in all I must say with what i’ve been directed to do the results are showing!


11/19 log
Chest/ shoulders/ tricep

Session length:1hr 20min 22sec
Exercises complete: 11
Goals acheived: 3
Total weight lifted: 42082.5lbs
Sets: 3-4
Reps: 10-12 (on exercises that I did 4 sets on, I aggressively added weight and then on the final set I dropped off about 25 - 30% of the weight and did till failure)

  • Treadmill was set at 6mph and jogged 1/2 mile total time on treadmill was 5 minutes 21sec

  • Pushups immediately off treadmill @ 50,40,40

  • Every set had 60 seconds of break ( tried getting weights set and ready to go during this 60 second break)

Not really sure what happened with this workout, but holy crap was I pumped when I started doing my pushups! It felt like when the blood started flowing I could feel just unbelievable urges to just go harder. Some weights just didn’t feel like it was enough, but didn’t want to go much further than where I know I’m safe because I didn’t want to injure anything just because of this intense purge of strength! I don’t know ,I had a good night sleep, ate a perfect diet today, tons of water, all vitamins and supps were consumed exactly as directed! Just an all around perfect night at the gym, and I looked like a freaking beast doing it… the only thing I could say might have added to this change was within this past week the gear that I was using has changed. Not sure if 1week is enough to dictate a change like tonight but something sure changed inside!

To rate this routine today im giving myself an A+


Haha i don’t think there is many of us on here…lol


There’s a few woman on here, not many. Im sure they more than likely just read the threads!


What are you talking about? I post all the time. You’re no daisy t’all. :princess: